Wordism makes it impossible to understand any REAL history. Real history begins with animal societies with their invariably rigid caste distinctions and willingness to die to hold their group's territory, regardless of whether they themselves have a high rank or a rank which prohibits them from adding any genes to the gene pool.

Only a Mantra Thinker would even NOTICE this. Every Wordist begins with the idea that the Words he worships will make the world in their own image. Marxist or Libertarian or "Christian," all of them see mankind as having no motivations of its own, in its own genes.

The revolution in biological thinking of the last half-century has passed by all the Wordists without the slightest notice. To them, there are still no territorial animals. To them, all the members of every herd are precisely equal.

One of the funniest claims of Wordists is that their form of Wordism will UNITE Mankind. But when mankind is divided into Wordist camps, he is at his most vicious. The only people who said "Better Red than Dead" were Reds themselves. They never asked the Soviets to follow the same logic.

The Constitution has a set of strict limitations on Wordism, precisely it was written when the experience of Europe's Religious Wars was still fresh. But only a Mantra Thinker would NOTICE that.

There are a million Wordisms and a thousand more every day, and every single one of them declares that it has risen above mere factions and races and is Universal. It doesn't take an advanced degree in math to realize that a million different groups can't each be Universal.

But nobody but a Mantra Thinker could see the humor in someone who has converted to one of a million Wordisms declaring that he has abandoned division and become Universal.

Just as anti-whites are not yet laughed at when they proclaim they are anti-racists, those who espouse one of a million forms of Wordism as not laughed at when they claim to b become Universal.


There is a massive structure that will be shaken to its foundations when a general admission begins that a white person who brags that he doesn't give a damn about his race is, to say the least, immoral.

The whole structure of Wordism rest on a foundation that became obsolete fifty years ago. And we are chopping at that foundation.