Bob makes one point that I would like to discuss.

Bob said, "I am long past hating Jews. I am BORED with them. I was BORED with them thirty years ago. They are as predictable as liberals and neoconservatives and respectable conservatives. Can you empathize with what it feels like to spend decades reading commentaries, and knowing from the first sentence everything that clown is going to say?"

Reply by AFKAN:

We might well be "bored with the Goddamn JEWS," but, even now, I am stunned how the Goddamn JEWS act in perfect harmony with their Greater Goal, as if they weren't really "people," at all, but rather, nodes through which the process of Goddamn JUDAISM as the RACIAL IMPULSE of the Asiatic Hive Consciousness works - tirelessly, relentlessly, eternally, as our eternal RACIAL foe, regardless what Forms our RACE may adopt for the fulfillment of its purpose.

My functional definition of Goddamn JUDIASM is elegantly simple - JUDAISM is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity - or, at least, what Christianity SHOULD be, at the Institutional level, as the Spiritual Impulse that calls our RACE forward, from the mud, to the stars.

The process of Spiritual Transformation begins with the Quickening - the certain Realization, however uncertain (at first) that, at a fundamental level, SOMETHING is WRONG - entire social systems are built on erroneous assumptions and beliefs, and these become the practices of the Society.

The Awakening follows the Quickening - an ever-deeper growth in Awareness that the Realization that triggered the Quickening is more correct than you dared imagine. Two movies illustrate this with dramatic eloquence:

The first movie is "The Matrix," when Neo leaves the bottle, and is on his back in the infirmary of the ship. His question is timeless - "Why do my eyes hurt?" The answer is telling - "Because you've never used them." THIS is the closest media has come to demonstrating the Quickening. My eyes literally hurt when I watch what is called "News," and it is almost physically painful to watch the narcotic of television in general, and "Sports" in particular.

The second movie is "They Live." This classic has the Hero, Roddy Piper, putting on "sunglasses" that have "Hoffman Lenses" built into them (a modest tribute to Michael Hoffman, I suspect). With the sunglasses - the Hoffman Lenses - on, you can see the hidden messages in all of our media, and you can clearly see the Aliens. Thus, you see the Aliens WHO LOOK JUST LIKE IS without the Hoffman Lenses, AND you can see their Agenda. As well, you can hear the public announcement system telling everyone to remain "Asleep." From the moment the Hoffman Lenses go on - the SHOCK of the Quickening - to the ever-deeper realization that the rot of the Aliens has infected all of our social order - the Awakening - you realize that literally the Aliens have perverted everything in the social order from its proper function.

Peter Shank developed a point that we must never forget - the Goddamn JEWS took over this country without firing a shot, through control of the WORDS we heard, the WORDS we read, and the PICTURES we saw.

Bob makes a good point - that Goddamn JEWS really are "boring," in that, once you understand them, and what they TRULY are, they are as predictable as automatons - clever automatons, but, lacking the CREATIVE SOUL, automatons nonetheless.

Unspoken is what I think is Bob's greater point - many of our brethren get trapped on the realization that they understand WHO our Enemy is, and see ONE PARTICULAR FORM - "Communism," "Soviet Russia," "New World Order," "Internationalists" - one particular WORD to describe a very complex process of RACIAL WAR - and figure they've GOT IT. All that happens, then, is simply the FORM transforms - and suddenly, our brethren are back to fighting smoke, and mirrors.

Even those who say, "It's the Goddamn JEWS" miss the point that the Goddamn JEWS are simply nodes through which the process of Goddamn JUDAISM operates.

Even then, all too many of us are stuck at fighting what is WRONG, rather than being about the much greater, inherently Creative WORK of developing what is RIGHT, as the Creative Solution to the issues before us.

Until I get to the point that I can do THAT well enough, routinely, I will still use Goddamn JUDAISM as my touchstone for how deeply "Christianity" - the spiritual Impulse behind Western Civilization - has been perverted into its EXACT OPPOSITE, "JUDEOChristianity" - and as an reminder of how relentless they are in their desire to rule, or ruin.

Even a "boring" Enemy provides plenty of motivation!


Before his presidential run, Pat Buchanan was the highest-paid columnist in America. You would think he would be using all that notoriety to get the big money back.

Pat used to be the leading respectable conservative. Now, instead of trying to get that title and all the money back, Pat Buchanan is sticking his neck out, WAY out.

WAY WAY out.

Pat actually dares defend the right of the white race to exist. But most conservatives still support the leftist ban on any such discussion.

We need to form a deadly serious organization aimed at protecting the rights of the right in general and especially those who dare talk about race. We can testify before state legislatures and congress. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR PUBLIC MONEY TO BE USED AGAINST THE RIGHT AND AGAINST WHITES TO INDOCTRINATE YOUTH. CAMPUSES SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROTECT ALL SPEAKERS, INCLUDING RIGHTISTS, OR THEY SHOULD LOSE THEIR TAX MONEY.

This sort of issue would raise its own funds. Granted, a lot of conservatives would attack us to get patted on the head by liberals. They could say they are more anti-extremist than the liberals are. There will always be people like that, and the media will favor them.

But there are enough people who see reality to support an organization and, if we have the guts and the brains, we will generate our own publicity without destroying ourselves.

But it will take guts and brains, and that let's the whole Shrewd Right out. Paul Weyrich pointed out in "The New Right Papers," in 1982, that the greatest weapon the right uses AGAINST ITSELF is, "We tried that once. It didn't work."

"The National Association for the Advancement of White People" and some outright racist organizations have tried to do what I am talking about here. But their political agenda is seen to take precedence over protecting real rights.

The NAAWP was set up at the wrong time and by the wrong people.

But I am talking about something deadly serious. Even the blindest -- with the exception of respectable conservatives and liberal Southerners, of course -- can now see that the program is that whites must lose every country and that whites must be chased down and made to disappear, no matter what the cost.

We can leave the Buchanans out there swinging gently in the wind with a respectable conservative lynch mob howling under the tree, or we can get SERIOUS about the rights of the right, and even the rights of whites.

But if you're not in this fight, don't fool yourself into thinking you have the right to say anything liberals don't approve of.

RUSSIAN CARS | 2001-08-25

Every time I ride in a Russian car here I think of that horrible night I spent with a beauty.

I thought of it yesterday when we were traveling in a fine Russian van that costs only six thousand dollars brand new.

It was a fine van except for one thing: We spent about four hours traveling and two hours fixing it.

The good Russian who was driving me around had given me great hospitality in his genuine old Russian house out in a village. So please do not think I am complaining here at all.

He kept telling me that it was an excellent van, as it seemed to be, but it kept breaking down.

During that hellacious freezing night with my red-haired beauty, all I could think about was my cheap but RELIABLE little Volkswagen and how warm I would be if I'd taken it. It would not break down.

The most wildly successful cars in history have been the Model T Ford and the Volkswagen. They were indeed cheap. But they were cheap AND RELIABLE. Therein lies the whole tale.

If you can fix farm machinery and cars the way my Russian buddy and the others I was riding with can, breaking down is just a bother. For the rest of us, it is a fatal flaw.

My friends, I have just revealed unto you a Great Mystery. If I spent a thousand pages making it obscure and using lots of economicese, the sentences I just wrote could really impress people the way real Economic Theorists do.


Some Whitaker Online readers thought that the Fox Network I was praising was the one that appears on regular broadcast television. The Fox News Network I am praising is the one that is cable only. It is direct competition with CNN.

They are respectable conservatives - Holy Diversity and all that -- but they seem to be much more serious than the usual respectable conservatives.

When a thirteen year old black boy was convicted of killing a six-year-old black girl, Fox Cable News Network did something you simply cannot imagine happening on any other television outlet. The other stations would show the poor little murderer on and on and on, so that we would be on the side of the "so-called killer."

But Fox Network News, as the discussion proceeded, kept a photograph of the VICTIM, the little girl he beat to death, on the screen.

They didn't make a big thing of it, but I think that says a lot.