Most of us have heard of a butler called "Jeeves." The inventor of Jeeves was P.G. Wodehouse.

In his first book after World War II, called "The Return of Jeeves," the wise English butler is quoted as saying, "We live in the age of the welfare state, sir. This means, as nearly as I can tell, that everyone is destitute."

Right after World War II, in order to make everyone equal, Britain's new socialist Government had imposed confiscatory taxes, rationing, and regulations to the point where nobody had anything. It was called a welfare state. It was also called Austerity. And boy, was it ever austere!

So while America had a post war boom, the British managed to make themselves miserable, all in the name of Equality.

The United States Constitution assigns the United States Government the role of pursuing "the general welfare." Not only is this not the same thing as "equality," it is very often the opposite.

Austerity was one example of how equality and the general welfare conflict. Another is South Africa today. In South Africa today, every honest person is worse off, in every measurable category, than he was under white rule.

There is real genocide going on in Africa today. That real genocide is taking place under the name Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. The old apartheid Afrikaners would have come down on this epidemic in a mercilessly Politically Incorrect way. They would have imposed testing and isolated HIV-positive people in a way that would have outraged civil libertarians and saved millions of lives.

But instead of being treated as politically immature subjects, black Africans are being made equal. And, as in the rest of Africa, they are dying like flies. In the AIDS emergency, what is being pursued is not the general welfare, but equality. No one cares what happens to real people as long as Holy Equality is the announced goal.

In the 1950s, I used to read about high rates of illegitimacy and dope addiction. But back then, this was called a "Negro" and a "Puerto Rican" problem.

Things are "better" now. We are more equal.

By "better," I do not mean that the rate of illegitimacy and drug addiction among blacks and Puerto Ricans is down. In fact, both rates have skyrocketed. Things are better now in this sense: the white rate of drug addiction and illegitimacy is now what the black rate was in the 1950s. There's more of it for everybody, but it's more equal because now it's general.

"Progressive" forces used to point to the black township of Soweto to show what was wrong with the old white-ruled South Africa. The crime rate was enormous, and poverty was rampant in Soweto.

But things are better now. The crime rate is now higher in Soweto, and there is certainly no less poverty. Quite the opposite is true. Crime, poverty, and disease were bad but getting better under the old regime. Now they're worse and getting even worse, and there is no prospect that the new downward trend will ever change.

But that doesn't matter, because everything is now worse for whites, too. The crime rate is unbelievable in white areas, even compared to American ghettoes! South Africa's currency, the rand, was at a quarter of the old value the last time I looked.

The old "safe" areas no longer exist. To paraphrase Jeeves, "South Africa lives in the age of Equality. This means that EVERYBODY is destitute, and living in terror."


The last time I was in Russia a few years back what we call anti-Semitism was what was so obvious to them that saying what we know about Jews was like telling them day was brighter than night.

Russians had not been "educated" - read RE-educated yet.

Every Saturday Jews get together to listen to a guy they pay to tell them that they are perfectly virtuous and everybody else is Evil and out to get them.

Out here on Planet Earth, the essence of insanity is "Everybody ELSE is Evil. I am GOOD."

If you want to survive, you put people like that under observation.

CLOSE observation.

Henry Kissinger:

"Any group that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG."

It never occurs to Jews that they are doing ANYTHING wrong. That is the essence of insanity.

There is nothing new about cults being insane. My commenters have talked about the fact that we are deprogramming a cult.

The fact that it is a BIG cult makes no difference. A BIG cult becomes an established religion, but that does not change its nature. It's still the same nut job it was when it was a LITTLE cult.

Jews hate everybody. Jews want to destroy everybody's identity but their own. Jews are nut jobs. But non-Jews who subscribe to this are PATHETIC nut jobs.

Here is the really CRITICAL point, the Mantra point:

That is all there is to it.


On principle, New England opposed the admission of every state after the first thirteen. They only favored the admission of slaveless status when they were overthrowing the Southern slavocracy. But in the end it was New England's alliance with the West in the anti-South coalition and the Republicans Party that destroyed the only competitor for ruling America that the Northeast ever had.

It paid off handsomely. Right up to the 1930s the Lodges and other New England top dogs ruled Republican politics, which meant they ruled the country. The payoff in power was handsome, and the payoff in money was stupendous. All industry was confined to the Northeast by railroad rates that made it impossible to ship manufactured goods north AND EAST.

But the Yankee Nation got paid LONG before it actually took the country over completely. It is often mentioned that the US Government had a SURPLUS and no debt in Jackson's day. No one will EVER tell you WHY.

At the very beginning of Our Glorious and Beneficial Union the Yankee Nation made a deal that no Jewish pawnbroker could ever hope to find a goy dumb enough to swallow. Until World War I the Federal Government was financed almost entirely from tariffs. You might say, "Lord! Those Southerners were DUMB! The Yankees got the Federal Government and even patronage jobs FREE!"

And people who finally get THIS through their heads will NEVER realize that that was the LEAST of the deal. The Yankee Nation did not ONLY get exempted from Federal taxation, but they got even MORE than the entire Federal budgets by means of those tariffs. You see, in order to avoid tariffs Southerners had to pay whatever price Northern industry decided to sell its products at. Every extra percentage point tariffs went up paid New England many millions of dollars.

Can you imagine anybody dumb enough to allow that? That was Our Glorious Union from the word "Go!" It's a wonder that, stupid as we were, we lasted as long as we did.

When the Glorious Union was Saved, all restraint went off of tariffs. And all industry was in the Northeast due to discriminatory rail rates. So Republicans jacked up the tariffs and Northeastern monopolies jacked up their prices.

With what Jews would call, "such a DEAL! Why did the Yankee Nation die off? It dies off by doing exactly what America is doing today. Wealthy families produced New England school marms and Emily Dickinsons and other sterile females. Meanwhile, as the profits of industry skyrocketed, they needed cheap labor, Irish, Polish, Italian and so forth.

The last representative of the Yankee Nation, Henry Cabot Lodge, lost his Senate seat to a guy name Kennedy in 1952. When he ran for vice president in 1960 they lost to the same John Kennedy.

You will play hell finding any sign of The Yankee Nation in New England. They made SUCH A DEAL that they forgot about controlling their OWN territory. The Jews are so desperate to destroy whites that they have doomed themselves, too. But it always bothers me that anti-Semites are unteachable about REAL American history. They are right about Jews, but they are blind to the fact that the Jews are NOT new. The Yankee Nation hated the white race and other Americans with a blindness that destroyed them before most Jews got here.

As Alan points out, Southerners are the only nation left in America. As the country becomes swamped with minorities, only we will be able to deal with them. The Yankee-Jew approach only works as long as no one tosses their power-group out. As long as Yankees kept their image as The Only True Patriots, they survived. But they could only live off others, and when they could not, the nation died. They got so tied up in ruling that they lost track of their own existence, just as Jews have.

Once again, the example of Sauron comes to mind. He put most of his power in The One Ring to rule others. When the Ring was destroyed, he fell. There was time when the South needed 65-IQ labor from Africa.

Now the mulattoes are not the same and they are not needed. But ALL the work we needed African slaves for is now done by machines. In short, our nation does not have to dominate to survive. Try to imagine Israel living on its own resources and with no cheap Arab labor.

Every part of the white race will lose huge numbers to miscegenation. Such is the nature of all-out war. But we are the ONLY group of whites who can lead the way to survival.


It seems about every week or two Charlotte, North Carolina, is signing a new agreement on how they are going to "desegregate" their schools. This has been going on steadily since they first took care of the whole problem by hurrying to integrate some schools in 1955.

We are constantly asked how the Confederacy would handle "the race question." My response is to ask how the United States handles the race question.

If anybody thinks they know, he has not studied it. I used to think there was such a thing as nonracial public policy, even in a society which contains different races, but I found out different when I got to Capitol Hill. My job there required me to go into desegregation law in extreme detail.

In fact, I wrote some of it.

I was surprised at first at how complicated the whole question was. After all, can't you just ignore race?

Well, not really.

How do you know when a school system is really dedicated to nonracism? Remember that we are after unconscious discrimination, too, so you can't believe a person even when he thinks he is being honest.

There are thousands of school districts in this country, and I can find a good argument in one that another is not doing what it should be doing. There is no objective school to be cited. All cases differ. All school histories differ.

In order to make sure everybody is ignoring race you have to get into his or her mind. Is someone discriminating because of race, or are they discriminating because of what race MEANS?

If you are looking for illegal immigrants on the Mexican border, you will save a lot of money if you ignore blond people with Germanic accents. But the official position of the NAACP and other groups is that you must look just as hard at blond people as at swarthy people, or you are discriminating.

They are perfectly correct. You ARE discriminating.

When a young black man is shadowed by police in a rich white neighborhood, he gets mad at the police, at the establishment, and at absolutely everybody but the people who are responsible for the fact that he is being tailed.

He is being tailed because of all the young black people who commit crimes. The police are reflecting reality. They are not discriminating because of race per se. They are discriminating on the basis of what race obviously MEANS.

But they ARE discriminating.

The police who have so much trouble with blacks are not going to like blacks in general. They are going to have had so many bad experiences with blacks who fool them by acting innocent that they will find it hard to believe that a really innocent black man is really innocent.

Are we discriminating yet?

What about the real problem that a lot of blacks won't try to get jobs with some employers because they assume prejudice? When a black person comes into a job interview, exactly what is a nondiscriminatory attitude?

So you use affirmative action. Affirmative action says, in plain English: you can discriminate in favor of black people, but not against whites.

It is impossible to discriminate FOR someone without discriminating AGAINST someone. But this self-contradictory policy is written into the law, into the United States' "solution to the racial problem."

You think all this is complicated? Wait until you get into trying to figure out whether SCHOOLS are truly desegregated or not!

It is complicated for a very good reason. Race is real, and everybody thinks in terms of race. Nobody thinks more about race and in more purely racial terms than the professional antiracist. Black leaders think of little else BUT race.

The so-called American Solution of ignoring race is completely oxymoronic. You cannot concentrate on eliminating racism without thinking in terms of race. Like all professional antiracists, you soon find it impossible to believe that anyone else does not have a racial motive, too.

Take someone who dedicates himself to nondiscrimination.

The first thing he will do in any group is to count the black and white faces. He is trying to enforce something he cannot do himself.

The so-called American policy on race consists of chasing our tails.

So the North Carolina papers that Charlotte has just signed off on are another desegregation plan that will take care of the problem of white flight.


And nobody says this is ridiculous.

The nice thing about taking the liberal position is that when it turns out you were being silly, which is always the case, nobody is going to bring it up.

I remember reading the Charlotte Observer in the 1950s, and seeing them announce, again and again, that they had accepted some integration in their schools so their problems were over. They specifically made fun of our South Carolina contention that the integrationists would never, in all history, be satisfied.

They made fun of South Carolina for not following their lead into the final solution to the integration problem. Actually, the only reason they were not having more problems was because of South Carolina and Mississippi and other holdouts.

In 1963, the 101st Airborne Division introduced Social Progress to the University of Mississippi campus.

So, in 1964, with the Deep South finally crushed, racial busing started all over America. Charlotte was all for it.

That was thirty-five years ago. We now have another major program for chasing down whitey in North Carolina.

To me, this program and the Berlin Wall represent the same old leftist phenomenon. Everything the leftist "intellectuals" come up with is a total, absurd failure in the real world, but no one will say that. So they build walls in Marxist countries to force people to keep trying their nonsense, and they keep setting up programs to chase down whitey here.

And the respectable conservative say these are highly intellectual policy failures, not screaming nonsense that should be laughed out of existence.

In the meantime, liberals and the Jack Kemps and George Bush, Juniors, on the respectable right support hiring policies that discriminate against whites.

But these will end as soon as the integrationists are satisfied.

And it goes on, and on and on and on...

Let's secede.