BUSH, JUNIOR, HAS IT WON! | 1999-03-13

No other nonliberal is going to mention this, so I will

The press is saying that Bush, Junior, has it WON! In polls, a matchup between Bush, Jr. and Al Gore has Bush, the Republican moderate, winning hands down.

Back in 1992, right up until the Republican Convention, the media were announcing that polls showed that George Bush, Senior, would beat any Democratic candidate hands down. As soon as the nomination was over, Bush's popularity began to collapse.

In 1996, right up until the Republican Convention, the press was announcing poll after poll that showed that the moderate Robert Dole had it won against Clinton.

So here we go again. Once again, the press tells us that each moderate will have the Democrat beat in all the polls.

Until the Convention.

Come November, the moderate will lose like he always does. Same thing will happen in 2004. The same thing will happen in 2008. Respectable conservatives have no memory at all. That's what makes them respectable.

This will keep happening until even Republicans get tired of losing.