This post is dead on. There are so many distractions out there. You have to decide first and foremost what you are, because you can easily get mired in something that is in the big picture irrelevant to your greater cause.

For example, I noticed a Stormfronter who has gotten so obsessed with the Jew thing that he forgot about the white thing. He says that the white and non-white thing is just a false dichotomy that the evil Zionists are using to separate the goyim and keep them weak by causing them to fight among themselves while the Jews take over the world.

Comment by Al Parker


Excellent example! That is EXACTLY what I am talking about!

The Southern Nationalists have gone over entirely to Presbyterian theocracy. They started out by advocating an exact duplicate of the melting pot, but inside a Southern country, God knows why. The founder of WOL went back into the military and became a routine "the only color that matters in the army is uniform green" type. He got into American Patriotism and the loyalty of troops to each other and did what your anti-Semite buddy did, decided we were All One Race under The Flag.

Read National Review and you will see them pitifully trying to find SOMETHING to substitute for the reality everybody is becoming more and more familiar with, the elephant in the living room. They fight medical research in the name of the Good Old Days when priests were raping little boys and every single bishop helped them do it.

They are fanatically behind Bush's Vietnam War, just like they were behind the last one that the liberals started. There is very little difference in the outlook of the Kennedy's Best and the Brightest and today's neoconservatives.

In fact, today National Review denounces its own founders and backs everything Kennedy's Best and Brightest stood for.

But Wordism can NEVER be consistent. It has no BASICS. It flows along in a river of words and experts and tens of millions of words of commentary. As in today's "Christianity" everything changes but that is all words, so they simply make up new words to make the changes look unchangeable. Orwell's 1984 simply exposes nakedly what our wordists do all the time.

I used to get a laugh out of reading Buckley. He always says he stands on Eternal Religious Principles. I used to call his comments, "Eternal Truth This Week." What words give words can take away. So what would be called "new" earlier is now called "a discovery of eternal truth."

When the business community and the money turned against the Confederate flag in South Carolina, the Citadel and Bob Jones IV did an abrupt about-face on the issue. Bob Jones quoted a verse from scripture to justify himself. It wasn't a change of position, it was just Eternal Principles.

But you see that flag went up over the capitol in 1963. The Bible was already in every hotel room by then. Bob Jones only discovered that Eternal Principle when it became a matter of losing his rich buddies.

You can call it coincidence. You can call it a miracle. Or you can say a nasty little wordist man was doing a nasty little wordist thing.

That Confederate flag flap was full of miracles or coincidences. Governor Beasley's advisors and conventional wisdom told him he had to keep the Confederate flag vote until November of 1998 in order to win reelection. He then had to get rid of that pro-Confederate flag position, everybody said, as soon as possible AFTER November of 1998 in order to be nominated for vice president.So, lo and behold! In December of 1998 Beasley said he spent the night on his knees before the Baptist Convention and the Lord Jehovah told him to change his position on the flag!God told the Mormons to change their position on not letting blacks become bishops in their church during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. God told Bob Jones to abandon the Confederate flag at just the right moment.By the way, I STILL haven't heard anyone but me mention these interesting coincidences in any of these cases. They are afraid of offending the "Christians." That is wordism in action.A wordist can only react to reality with violence and suppression; I don't care WHAT his form of wordism is.