You pain-in-the-ass commenters keep me going.

Now that I am beginning to believe that you're starting to USE my basic points and way of thinking, not just agreeing or disagreeing with me, I want to expand on another basic.

I get TIRED of REPEATING basics, but I am a good old soldier, and I do it. But I would rather expand on them.

In writing about a million words of WOL and this Blog, and in exchanging ideas with you, I have developed a concept I call The Twist that our enemies use.

To understand The Twist, you have to go to another Bob's Basic:

Our worst enemies today are NOT the old openly anti-white leftists. They are beginning to seek cover.

WHO are they seeking cover BEHIND? The respectable conservatives, the neos and the Hannitys and even the Buchanans.

The old "white race is the cancer of history" is discredited for public consumption. That is now only preached in the universities and the public schools to a captive audience.

Since nobody followed my charge at the universities, the enemy citadel, we must limit ourselves for now to the public forum.

So how do the neos and respectable conservatives provide cover for the anti-whites? They do not join in the open attacks on the white race or on America that have been so discredited that the open anti-whites have to hide behind their skirts.

Neos and respectable conservatives and "Christians" provide cover by PRAISING the Founding Fathers, by PRAISING the Lord.

They provide that cover by doing the Political Twist, the Historical Twist, the Religious Twist. They TWIST their praise of the white race by calling it Western Civilization. They TWIST their demand for a return to the Founding Fathers by praising and quoting the silliest bits of the Declaration of Independence into making our Founders demand worldwide equality.

The ultimate Twister is George Will. He declares that America has nothing to do with the people of the United States of America. He quotes Lincoln and says America is a Propositional Nation: "You accept the proposition and you an American."

"... dedicated to the PROPOSITION that all men are created equal."

The Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg would have as surprised at the idea that they died to make America an open-borders country as the American soldiers who died at Normandy world have been at Buchanan's open declaration that they made the ultimate sacrifice to open Europe to third world immigration.

The Twist is also religious. We find conservative pulpits ringing with declarations that Jesus died on the cross so that we would support Israel. We hear Hannity openly declaring that Jesus died on the cross for interracial dating, AND NOT ONE CONSERVATIVE DARES TO DISAGREE WITH HIM.

This is The Twist, political, historical, and religious.

PLEASE don't make ME repeat it alone. Repeat it yourself.

And please, please, please make The Twist a part of your THINKING.