Someone on the anti thread on Stormfront objected to my putting antis all in one category and said, "How would you react if an anti put you in one category?"

I replied that they do it all the time, but it doesn't bother me because I don't have any respect for antis so I don't CARE what they say about me personally.

Another anti then demanded why, if I have no respect for antis, I keep debating with them.

My rely makes some important points:

A few antis swing over to our side. The rest are very useful because you would be hard to believe if you weren't here in person.

Over and over and over and over, antis never read the anti threads before revealing unto us the arguments Mommy Professor told them would devastating us irrational, evil racists.

Every one of you, HUNDREDS of you, come in here with the same tired old line, without even a little variation in it.

We can describe you to each other till we drop, but nobody would BELIEVE that a literate adult would come in with the same canned crap, over and over, and over, and think it's NEW. Only SEEING is believing.

In order to counter you out in the real world, we have to realize how incredibly shallow you are. We keep thinking, "All that education, all those big names, can this possibly, really be ALL there is to it?

Stripping ourselves of every shred of respect for antis is the first essential step in learning how to deal with them.

The whole anti power is certainly not based on anything you have to SAY.

It is based ENTIRELY on the universal authority and power of the PhDs and public officials and now the respectable conservatives and the European police who have been ranged, without allowing a single break in the solid front, on the anti side.

Respect for this oppressive bunch of morons is ALL that you have left.

If you are in a police state, you don't have to respect them, but you sure as hell have to DEAL with them, as I have to deal with your intellectual police state.

But I HAVE lived in a regular police state, and I DESPISED the police.

And I despise you.

In a police state, people like you genuinely cannot understand anything that contradicts orthodoxy.

Good Communists in Communist states believed they had freedom of speech, because one could say anything one SHOULD be allowed to say.

We are in the same position. You are convinced that one is allowed to say anything one SHOULD say, so you cannot understand anything that is outside of those bounds.

You retreat behind: "You don't make sense."

That is routine for the totalitarian mindset.

I do NOT respect the totalitarian mindset, especially when it is incapable of realizing what it is.