I have several things I have been putting off writing because they are hard work.

I go ready to answer a libertarian anti-racist on Stormfront and I can't reach Stormfront.

If I don't get started now I won't get started.

I have to go over the same stuff again, and the threat is tiring.

This is repetition, but many of you have not heard it, and most readers will get tired of me repeating things but they will forget it when the point comes up.

That's normal. None of us remembers all we have, which is a major reason I'm here.

So the refresher won't hurt.

So I'll put the answer here and put it there in the "From Bob's Blog" category.

Here goes:

An anti-racist libertarian believes in magic.

Their mantra is that the world will be fine when there is "free movement of capital, goods, services, AND LABOR" in international trade.

In practical terms what this means is that when a Mexican crosses a magic line in the middle of the Rio Grande, his income miraculously increases ten-fold.

The official platform of the Libertarian Part says this tenfold increase in income is a free lunch. The only reason it happens is because that "labor" gets inside a magical line. If you keep them south of this magic line, you are stealing all that money from them.

No libertarian EVER asks WHY that Mexican gets ten times as much money north of that line as south of it.

I repeat, the official line is that that line is magic.

In the real world, there is a REASON for things.

In the real world there is no free lunch.

The reason a Mexican gets ten times as much here is because he is crossing a line from a country controlled by Mexicans to a country controlled by Americans.

The problem is, of course, that this magic line is ALWAYS a racial thing. When colored people cross the magic line into countries controlled by whites, their incomes instantly increases exponentially.

So you just call anybody who says the line is not magic a racist. No libertarian is capable of thinking of this point because his mind is blocked against anything that has obvious racial implications.

So the line is that if all the Mexicans moved here, and we all moved to Mexico, the United States would be just as rich as it is now as long as we kept the Constitution and books about libertarianism.

Japan has fewer resources than Mexico does, and they just copied out methods. Like Japan, we would soon have an American standard of living again. If only whites moved south of the magic line and left all the dark-colored people here with our new Mexican population, the line would become magical in the southward direction.

In the twentieth century, only the Communists accomplished the miracle of keeping white countries poor.

Libertarians have a way to MAKE them poor.

It's called "the free movement of capital, goods, services AND LABOR."

Libertarian Wordism and Marxist Wordism, who say that some philosophy of government is going to make all the difference and race none, are equally ridiculous and equally destructive.