In his Foreword to my book, Joe Sobran said I could use a few more statistics and citations. Others have criticized me for a lack of citations.

You would be stunned if you knew how many citations I could quote. Someone just explained to me about the Cathari. I have read tracts about the Cathari, many of which claim that they did not believe what they were accused of believing.

When the debate over race comes up, I have read it ALL. So I could spout the whole wealth of evidence on my side and the others could do what they always do, shout "racist" and cite Recognized Authorities.

I am 64 years old and I don't get paid for this, so I don't play that game any more.

Everybody calls me "simplistic." I would love to found a school of philosophy called "Simplism."

So instead of repeating the mountains of information on race, I go back to what everybody is arguing about. They all agree that brown countries are poor and stagnant.

The "racists" then try to explain why black countries are stagnant and the anti-racists get paid to prove, brown country by brown country, that this is all a gigantic, consistent accident. The citations on both sides are endless.

I've read them, and I don't want to be one more citer of citations.

So I return to the original point that both sides agree on, the one they are arguing about:

Brown-skinned countries are stagnant. Putting it that bluntly upsets the "scientific racists" every bit as much as it does the anti-racist. They want to prove it is true by EXPLAINING it.

I just go back to the fact that it is true. I go back to the fact that the anti-racists are betting the entire future of the human race on the idea that this is an accident.

I say that is bad. I say that is evil.

And I have not used a single citation to prove how smart I am or how learned I am.

Before Western Science, every society had a complete explanation for everything. So they asked no further questions and they went nowhere.

In Western Science, "one experiment is worth a hundred Expert Opinions." In other words, no matter how many citations you have, you are just citing people. Every confident man, including every priest of all the Old Religions, had a motto: "Things are not as they appear."

All of them made a great living by saying that and their societies stagnated.

It may be God or it may be evolution, but something gave us eyes and those eyes were given us for a very good reason. If you got into an airplane and the pilot said, "I am flying this plane entirely on the principle that things are not as they appear," the passengers would panic.

But those same passengers always listen to people who want to lead them on the same basis. Those people give them endless citations and Words of Wisdom. Those people reject the simplistic notion that a fact is a fact and that the person who ignores it PAYS for it, big time.

After all these years of education and reading about everything you can cite, I have concluded that what is true is true.

I am a Simplist.