Look, gang, our entire world, the world we are trying to save, was referred to collectively as Christendom until very recently, when Political Correctness became our established religion.

For over a thousand years non-white invasions were few and far between. Most of us never even saw a nonwhite. So we killed each other wholesale over commentaries or dogmas about one book.

Today, modern Christianity is just self-hate. Today, Judaism is just self-pity.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that Communism was just a perversion of Christianity.

A sea change has occurred. Our world is now RACIAL, and very few people can't FEEL this. Nonwhites are deluging our world. We sit here fighting each other over the correct versions of a BOOK.

Let me give an admission that is also an illustration. Someone will point out correctly that I have been guilty of this same mistake. So instead of hearing my point, he will be arguing over whether I am complaining about our fighting over the interpretation of a book while I am complaining about arguing over an interpretation of a book.

So, instead of uniting for our race, we will be arguing over WHETHER somebody is arguing over a book.

The perversions of Christianity are only vital to me and to Stormfront to the extent that they help destroy our RACE.

This is NOT a CHURCH.

Our self-hatred is the result of a perversion of our old faith - the new one is PC.

Our dedication to sterility is a perversion of our old faith. Our divisions are traceable to perversions of the old faith.

Today we say the color of the skin doesn't matter, all that matters if that you BELIEVE in socialism or libertarianism. But that goes right back to the fact that arguing over loyalty to BOOKS is an integral part of our history.

People argue that the color of the skin does not matter is someone is a "good person."

This comes directly from our old obsession about whether someone was a SINNER or not.

That is a big matter if you are trying to join a CHURCH, not whether you are trying to save our race.