Often when one thinks about it enough, one begins to realize how obvious something is. One finally realizes he should stop being indirect and deal with the question. In other words, state the question plainly and then deal with THAT.

We had to deal with differing racial IQs for a long time because the establishment line was that there was NO racial difference. They dealt with all indications to the contrary by screaming "HITLER!" and the Greatest Generation got on their bellies.

But they always overreach. They could have minimized differences, but their homicidal insistence on IQs being EXACTLY the same, which was essential to "all races are the same," left them in a position even the moral cowardice of the Greatest Generation could not protect them from forever.

Some of us just wouldn't quit, even though according to historians no one ever wins against the establishment.

You won't read it, but even most of the loony left now concedes that racial IQs are different. It was amazing how little controversy the book The Bell Curve raised and also one of the leading mainline psychology journals had a lead article by Rushton and Jensen.

But now that the pros have chimed in on us amateurs who fought this fight when it was tiny, they want to go ahead with IQ. But IQ is not really the point. The POINT of hitting on IQ a generation ago was because that was VULNERABLE.

One factor in this change was the increasing white familiarity with blacks that would be a part of the future.

Today there are very few whites, even in Europe, who are totally out of touch with real blacks, as the constituents of Hubert Humphrey in Minnesota were, whose single-handed fanaticism on civil rights in the Senate in the 1940s led to the 1948 Democratic platform.

Humphrey wasn't appealing to a black constituency. He was appealing to fanatical promoters of "civil rights" who had never seen a black outside of Jackie Robinson.

The simple fact is that, except for Obedience Trained Greatest Generation and Mommy Professor's special darlings, it is impossible for someone who knows the mass of blacks to believe in equal innate intelligence. So we hammered on that.

And won.

But our quest was not to make a god out of IQ. People who make a god out of IQ find that the grants come in if they then worship the high-tested IQs of Jews and Orientals.

But if one does not take this first necessary victory as the Key to Final Truth, what is one left with?

It is essential for us to return to the first question. How are races different?

Let us ask the plain question: Why is it that whites developed a Western Civilization that makes all other Great Civilizations look like abysses of slavery and animal-level technology?

Why is our HISTORY different?

The question is not something indirectly defined by IQ tests or given a mystical meaning by "Christianity."

How are races different?

The question is not IQ. The question is history.

So the answer is where we started, in history.

History today says that civilization is entirely a matter of books.

When Political Correctness was getting started the Greatest Generation was just beginning to roll over and play dead. That was in the 1950s. So history said that there was Egypt that led to Greece that led to Rome.

Then all was darkness as the Human Mind, which was contained in writings that went from the Egyptians to the Greeks and then to the Romans, were LOST.

All was darkness. If you do not believe anyone could take this seriously, read Foundation and A Canticle for Leibowitz, science fiction books which reflected this time and this view.

Yes, people took it seriously. But if you state it in plain English everybody says that nobody takes this seriously.

Then, the minute they relax, they go back to Greece and Rome and the "Dark Ages." One of the major problems with analyzing what crap this is getting anybody to recognize it when it is put into plain English.

So Politically Correct history says that with the right books all men are equal.

All men, it says, have an equal right to those books and therefore to everything what the white man has done.