There is a mindset that allows Christians to value self-torture as the ideal of the one who said that one should treat others, as one would want them to treat him. It allowed some of the most idealistic and certainly most sincere people in the Church to torture people in the Inquisition. Calvinism was self-hate that ruled New England and when New England ruled US, it became an American disease.

Orwell called this disease Doublethink.

The LAST thing that Political Correctness is, is NEW. That is why they have to hide behind "This is The Year 2009." By their very name, conservatives let them get away with that. They say they are "conserving" old concepts and outlooks. That alone would make respectable conservatives worthy of the "respectable" label that allows them to make their living: It hides the reality that every Idea of 2009 is a very old idea that didn't work then, either.

Which brings us back to Doublethink. Political Correctness repeats the same old stuff like self-hatred being a virtue that is thousands of years old. Conservatives hold to what they call Christianity, which has a lot of obscure Latin and no Golden Rule.

In short, both our established religion and its tame opposition are based on Doublethink.

New England's Calvinist thought led to what all Old Testament thought leads to: their children became Unitarians and then atheists.

There is nothing in Communism that has not long since been part of a heresy. The last thing Political Correctness is, is new or original.

You well know that no one debates with ME because it is so easy for me to cut them to pieces. At the height of the civil rights movement in the mid-1960s it was routine for me to take each new grad student and cut his equality nonsense to pieces.

Even in my early twenties, no Brave Race-Mixer would take me on.

Meanwhile "our spokesmen" kept losing debates.

But while people see that what I do works, you know how difficult it is to make THEM use it. This is not just because it takes all the fun out of debating pure crap. A major reason we have such a hard time spreading Mantra Thought is that EVERYBODY else is so deeply rooted in Doublethink that they SMELL something wrong in the Mantra.

Conspiracy Theory is Doublethink. On the one hand a small group has us bound hand and foot. But at the same time those who are in absolute power find it critical for the people they rule not know they exist.


Actual power shows itself. Kings spent huge sums on palaces and baubles that could have paid for armies and spies. In the real world, power doesn't hide. If those who have us bound hand and foot HIDE from us, the first thing you need to do is explain WHY.

But again, the Hidden Power is an old idea that every Doublethinker has always lived with.

Conservatives uphold what they call Old Christian morality, which consists of self-torture in the name of the Golden Rule. No conservative EVER asks why every Worker's Paradise was a prison that made the Fugitive Slave Acts look benign. Fugitive slaves were not shot on sight as they were at the Berlin Wall and all the OTHER Red borders.

You will no more hear any respectable conservative bring this up than you will hear him ask the definition of "racist." A racist is one who accepts NO form of Wordism as his primary loyalty. That is heresy to today's left and right.

So one reason Mantra Thinking turns ideologues off is because they SMELL a trap in it FOR THEM. It offends them in a way they are not even aware of.

To put it simply, Mantra Thought is Singlethink. One cannot play the game TV debaters do of bashing away one bastion of the enemy and then allowing him to hide behind its opposite side in Doublethink. You are either pro-genocide or pro-white; you are either pro-white or anti-white today. You cannot declare a state is ideal for the people and then surround it with machine guns to keep them in.

But ALL Wordism needs Doublethink. You can't base your whole world on a book without it. A book cannot explain everything today, much less everything even a decade letter. But this, again, is Singlethink. No human being can explain what will be a decade hence, much less the world forever.


When the Churches, Rome or Geneva, tried to cram the whole world into the Old Testament, it shot itself in the foot repeatedly. But instead of accepting that, "conservatives" KEEP trying to cram the world into some amalgam of an imaginary Constitution, an imaginary Declaration, an imaginary Christianity that they are as desperate to protect from Singlethink as any priest of Political Correctness.

Mantra Thinking is Singlethink, and damned few people who think they have the Truth, ANY Truth, can accept it.