BUGS is not only a refuge of sanity on race.

For every word we exchange on the practical causes and sources of warped thinking in our society, there are literally a million words out there about the Pre Evil and the Evil Geniuses who put society in wrong directions.

This is true in our movement but it is even more massive out of it. The left is one gigantic Conspiracy Theory about how the Military and the Rich and the Religious Fanatics conspire to dominate the minds of people and keep the intellectuals, Mommy Professors, from guiding things as they should go.

"Christians" and Social Progressives are united in their battle against Mad Scientists. Mad Scientists want to use embryos that should properly be thrown away to find out how to make the crippled walk and the blind see. The Prince of Wales is waging a battle to prevent nanotechnology from being developed being it could be put to bad uses.

The environmentalist left is desperately fighting to end the advance of Fusion energy, just as they ended the advance of nuclear power.

I observe this, but I don't see a Giant Conspiracy. The simple fact is that the Prince of Wales can OPPOSE science without knowing any of it. For every real technical degree given out there are a score of social science or education r religious "experts" credentialed.

There are a few hundred thousand doctors and three million lawyers. So every scientific advance, or for that matter every medical procedure, will have twenty professionals trying to stop or criticizing it for every person who is DOING it.

More important, there is only one tiny publication which will state this fact.