AFKAN, I agree with much of what you say, but I have to point out that the author of Atlas Shrugged was one of these "demonic Jews" you rail against constantly. Also, Harold Covington is nuts.

Comment by CL


CL, when we built the conservative movement we also made it impossible for people to understand what things were like BEFORE it. When Ayn Rand became popular in the 1950s, a book or a television appearance by a conservative was as unheard of as a mainline publication or appearance by David Duke was a decade ago. In fact, pro-whites are AHEAD of that curve.

Buckley's appearance on Jack Paar in 1961 was almost exactly like that of Duke on O'Reilly, though Paar made fun of him rather than shrieked. I say this to explain why we were so ecstatic with Ayn Rand's popularity.

Ayn Rand and Robert Welch (John Birch Society) were what we old timers - ask Duke or Kelso - call "everybody's nursery." Say that to any of our Old Soldiers and they will chuckle.

They were ALL WE HAD, and we will always weep senile tears at the mention of those names. Remember, that was the height of the power of the Masturbation Generation, and everybody else of age or influence was telling us that Tough Guys surrendered.

Jewess or not, Ayn Rand had more balls than that whole generation of male hens.

I was just turning twenty and I could not get a rather obvious point across - not my last experience with this phenomenon. Ayn Rand was an Eastern European Jew, just as Karl Marx was an Eastern European Jew. I had read Marx. When I read Marx, it was glaringly obvious to me that she was Karl Marx upside-down.

Both of them abandoned Judaism and got a Wordism to replace it. Marx said Paradise would come were all men were equal and the bourgeoisie concept of freedom abandoned. Rand said Paradise would be reached when absolute, total individualism was complete.

There is a similarity in opposites. When an anti-white and me are talking, we are covering the same ground: Do away with whites or not. White anti-whites are more white supremacist than I am. They insist that nonwhites are animals who cannot be responsible for ANYTHING.

We both agree that whites do everything, but they are right back to the old Manicheist/ Zoroastrian idea that all is EVIL. They insist that the white man is Ahriman, Satan. I hope I avoid saying we are God. But we are both talking about the same thing.

There is a similarity in perfect opposites. Rand and Marx were talking about the same thing, from opposite poles.

Nobody understood a word of what I was saying.