Brutus Pulls a Shari. Brutus began his latest comment with an apology.

Shari taught me that, when a commenter says something dead on target, he or she often begins by apologizing for it. In fact, an apology is a normal beginning when a commenter is doing what BUGS is all about!

We live in a society where the one thing a person is trained NOT to do is make accurate observations that are basic, simple, and to the point. After spending decades under this suppression, our normal response is to make the observation and then apologize for it.

We exercise an intellectual freedom here that is like coming out of a cave into the bright sunlight. Our seminar is really a return to the Anglo-Saxon Moot. After dealing with a lifetime of finding out what one is SUPPOSED to say and trying to fit an observation into it, it is not easy to just go ahead and SAY something because it may be TRUE.

While not worrying about whether or not it IS true.

This is VERY hard to get used to. This sudden shift leads to perfectly understandable reactions. One is the "Bob is Playing God" concept. I am lazy. I don't make the usual, "maybe I'm wrong" statements in my writings. I make my statements the way you are used to seeing them made by Professional and Authoritative Sources. So I sound like I am being a Professional and Authoritative Source.

I'm not. In this and many, many cases where commenters have demonstrated that I was dead wrong, in fact silly, my reaction is not outrage, but "Oh, OK." That is VERY hard to get used to, but that is purpose of free speech.

My first reaction was to get mad at Shari. But my long-term reaction has been a feeling of deep satisfaction. Over and over, when we go into the guts of an issue, Shari puts in a short little statement that boils it all down so well that it is hard for me to make it clear how brilliant it is.

The reason we have the only real seminar left on Planet Earth is because nothing s more condemned in a Wordist society than thinking out loud. The purpose of a Wordist society is to Learn the Truth, not to decide what truth is.

Naturally when you step out into a forum where you are left naked of the clich├ęs and assumptions that you are taught are the purpose of "free speech", it is not a comfortable experience.

It is hard to get an animal out of cage where it has been starved and confined. I remember seeing a documentary on a "bubble boy" who had an operation under anesthesia that allowed him to be released for the first time into his mother's arms.

What was the child's reaction? He screamed in terror and agony as if he were being circumcised. His whole world, the bubble, was being taken from him and this woman was actually physically contacting him.

Coming out of the Wordist bubble is scary and alien to us. We are coming out of the bubble that, for all its enslavement, is where we have lived our whole intellectual lives.