I said in an article that our Boss here was not Bob, but whether what we try WORKS. A commenter asked, quite reasonably, "How do you know if it works?'

I am delighted that BUGSERS have already become experts at doing what it took me decades to learn: they look for OUR words, like "anti-white," to appear. Only we know they are unique, and that is how I tracked my own trend during earlier battles.

In more specific terms you can only learn to gauge whether a particular approach works if you are in the midst of a debate, and can tell what is getting through. This is difficult, but there is joy in knowing that the other side has no idea you are doing this.

You can have the joy of knowing that the anti-whites, like all my foes and hurtful allies over the years, have not the slightest idea you have a means of tracking success which has nothing to do with Bill Buckley or some other Name approving you.

In fact, as I have said repeatedly, tracing an idea to me is fatal, because very, very few people really put their cause above their ego. So I had to find the signals and see them while absolutely no one else saw them, as we do with "anti-white," "respectable conservative" and the rest of a long list.

Most people simply will not join in a cause which has no polls and no score card. This is an INTEGRAL PART of my exercise of power. I took no credit, I had no ego. All I wanted was power.

And if there is no poll or other public indicator like a national columnist naming you, people will simply refuse to do the WORK.

I just want to rule the world. The rest was for the Big Names.

If you genuinely cannot figure out, in all those exchanges, whether something is working or not, you should stick strictly to the BUGS routine. If one in a hundred of our regular readers did that, we would be on our way.

Our routine has changed the language of politics enormously already, and nobody notices it but us.

Finding out how to judge our success in general and your success in particular is learned in the field.

But a few of us have greatly changed the language already.

Don't vary it until you are sure you can judge the results.

Discussing theoretical changes with theoretical results is what makes one a Stormfronter instead of a BUGSER.