Some commenters were reporting that they were accused of "tribalism" for racial loyalty. I have covered this crap a dozen times here. You have the job of going on with the fight, so you should pay attention to the stuff I've already spent all those hours and years dealing with.

Real Bugsters are usually very good at bringing up these problems, and usually you are very good at telling each other about the points we have covered, so I'm not complaining about this one case.

Every time anti-whites bring u some old argument, they lay themselves open to a kick in the teeth. It's like what soldiers get done to them when they try to same "surprise" a dozen times.

With this "tribalism" bit, you get to make fun of them.


Just as nobody is as dumb as a dumb man who thinks he's smart, there is no more hopeless provincial than a Universalist.

They say anybody with loyalties is a "tribalist," but we have only a few hundred nationalisms at the most. There are a MILLION Universal Truths. There will be more Universal Truths invented this week than all the "tribalisms" that now exist.

And no Universalism can tolerate free expression. If your only loyalty is to particular set of words, then you cannot REALLY allow people to discuss which words are best, or to use words in any but YOUR way.

People with loyalties can have freedom of thought and freedom of expression. No Universal can allow freedom of thought.

As one who has been around knows well, this means that the Wordists proclaim wildly and loudly that part of THEIR Wordism is Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Expression. The Soviet Constitution, written in a state with the most total despotism and terror in history, extols freedom of speech in a way that makes the Second Amendment look pathetic.

You cannot be loyal to words and use freely.

And the millions of universalism on earth, multiplying like amoebae, make what they call "provincialism" incredibly universal by comparison.

Nothing is more provincial than the demand for a single multiculture.