You can understand history here better than by any other means. History is largely the advance of practical human truths.

So we try to get people to see, as the anti-whites have, that the key to stopping all resistance to the Politically Correct-Marxist world of intellectual and physical stagnation, a static world ruled by a bureaucratic priesthood, is to begin breaking their hold on the public mind by hitting on the genocide they have to perform to get rid of the only race that DOES not maintain the Wisdom of an ant-like, priest run society.

The practical truth is that if you can get rid of the white race, you can get rid of the one group that does not naturally evolve into the ant-like societies of the Middle East and the Orient, or the even more delightful straight animal societies of Africa.

None of this is a plot. It is truly conservative mind set. You find it in extreme right Catholic Cardinals and in Mao Tse-Tung.

In World War II you had a coalition of Churchill's Pride in the British Empire, FDR's political promise that he was saving capitalism and all his advisors' claims that they were introducing steps to socialism. Above all, you had those two choosing Stalin.

White Hitler was dabbling about at a program to make all mankind Aryan, Stalin was working on a program to mix humans with apes so he could have the Ultimate Terror Corps to force the world to become an enormous ant colony, which is exactly what imported minorities are assigned to do today in white countries.

People, sadly including pro-white leaders, are too unimaginative, to see that what looks like the very opposite-APPEARING strategy is so precisely the same.

The use of big words and titles to entrench intimidation of all real thought in the name of Great Books and Ancient Wisdom is EXACTLY the same bullying strategy that the half-apes and the violent minorities use.

It always ends up being simply a means of intimidation to frighten people away from doing the BASIC thinking which is actually the white race's means of advancing the human understanding and control of REALITY.

Our enemies today are doing nothing new. They have always had a two-edged sword, the SAME two-edged word they use today: mindless thugs and channeling all potential thought into Stagnant channels they call Great Wisdom.

I would appreciate it deeply if some comments on this, for a change, actually referred to the thoughts here rather than constantly using BUGS as a convenient place to put a separate editorial or sermon.