A major reason you have reason to read what I write here is because of an ancient rule: Where reality is being blocked by any kind of man-built dam, the person who sets out to defy that dam, that ban, will find something original and useful to say.

It is hard for us to believe some of the things men were required to say under censorship in history. So it would seem logical to look at what is forbidden today and look for the resulting nonsense.

Unless, of course, this is the first generation in the history of civilization where is no imposed dam.

Before you laugh at that idea, remember that every generation in history HAS to believe it was the first generation in the history of civilization that had no unreasonable barriers to discussion.

Rome did not consider its ban on Christians unreasonable, nor did Christianity consider its ban on pagans and heretics at all unreasonable. Christians would laugh at the silly superstitions of the old pagan, but they would lynch anybody for saying the universe was created in more or less than six days.

The power of such a dam against heretical thought can disastrous. The Communist system managed the almost unimaginable feat of keeping two to four hundred million white people from producing on single new or useful idea for two generations.

We are all familiar with the Periodic Table and with Pavlov's experiments. These were produced in a Russia in the few years between the time it actually entered the Western world and the time it became an oriental despotism again.

Once again this is a point, and what we make here are POINTS, not just "arguments," that only BUGS can effectively make.

Instead of accusing the other side of censorship and taking on the burden of proof, I make the full point above: Is this the first society in history where censorship is NOT blocking progress? Every other generation believed that, and was wrong.

You see, when a generation dams up the flow of discussion, the potential knowledge behind those dams builds up. Which, to the best of my ability, means that I am constantly talking about things others are not allowed to THINK about.

If the reader can get nothing out of that, he is in a class with those who kept their flow of thought in line with the Inquisition.