There is nothing as provincial as a universal institution.

There are only so many nations, but there are surely well over a million Universal Truths. Every tiny church on the Bible Belt may declare that its version of the Bible as THE Universal Truth.Marxism is divided into hundreds of sects, each of which honestly believes it is the Only Really True Faith.

A thousand new Universal Truths are declared weekly.

Every Universal Truth considers any loyalty that is not to the True Word it preaches to be "tribalism."

It takes at least two people to make a tribe. It only takes one to invent a new Universal Truth, and a lot of people invent more than one, and believe that each one is Universal as he thinks of it and then decides on another.

Once one THINKS about this, it becomes so obvious, like the Mantra, that it is hard to imagine that anyone could honestly feel that he has the Only Universal Truth.

Yet every white person who demands the end of our race honestly believes we are tribalists, whereas he is devoted to The Only Universal Truth.

If you are ever in a war, be sure not to let someone who believes he is not any kind of tribalist get behind you, because there is another problem with Universalism. I've seen it in action many, many times.

The same person who really believes he represents the True Bible and fights for some Biblical quotes can and probably will find another quote that will tell him he must shoot you in the back.

Anyone whose only loyalty is to one set of words can get out in the field to fight for them and one night have another Conversion.

People think the problem is insincerity. Actually, I have seen as many people suddenly sell their side out with perfect sincerity. A loyalty to a race or a country has limits and stability. A person whose entire world is a set of words can and probably will change his words, and his beliefs a number of times.

Do not forget to wonder about someone who declares he has no use for his race, what he IS loyal to. Otherwise you give the other side a free ride while you deny your "racism" or your "nationalism" or your "tribalism."