When Jefferson heard about the Wilmot Proviso in 1819 aiming to prevent the introduction of any new slave states, the old prophet foresaw the Civil War and he said, "It was like a fire bell in the night."

This old Prophet hears those bells regularly.

For example, we had agreed that the WAY TO KEEP WHITE GENOCIDE IN PEOPLE'S MINDS if we should gain power was to have paid informers to nail their ancestors' crimes on all heirs and to beggar those who are still alive.

After going over this once or two full times, I reminded you again.

And two commentators said this was not Justice.

We are not trying to sell Nazism, Libertarianism, Identity Christianity or Vegetarianism. Or Justicism. We are here to save our race.

And KEEP it saved.

Justice in this form has never crushed anybody. Plenty of Communists and fascists were shot. The last I looked the long-persecuted Christians were still flowing over with money. Tribunals may give you a thrill, but I know an informer system LASTS.

But what bothers me most is that these otherwise good two commentators used the WORD Justice as their ENTIRE justification.

That is an AWFUL regression.

I explained why I kept demanding the FULL Mantra. I keep running into these sieves in your memory.

In that discussion there was a round on why we use genocide instead of population shift.

It's CONSISTENT, dumbos! I have also written my fingers to the bone about respectability. Population shift obviously comes from people who are more worried about sounding reasonable!

What the HELL do our hundreds of agreements on avoiding Wordist crap like Justice have to do with adopting new words to make YOU feel better?

These are DUMB. You will be ready to translate the Mantra, and go across the street by yourself, when you stop having these blackouts.