Not just our established religion of Political Correctness, but EVERY ruling group uses the Orwellian Memory Hole. When something it is known for advocating, EVERY ruling group ceases to mention it.

That, after all, is the main POINT of being in control of Opinion, to dictate what is remembered and what is NOT to be remembered.

That is one of the main things respectable conservatives are paid for. National Review grovels before Saint Martin Luther the King and never mentions the disastrous failures of liberalism. NR avoids gun control like the plague.

In other words, if all you have is a huge file of things the media DO say, you are deaf. If you only discuss what they DO say, which is what respectable conservatives get paid for, you are deaf.

How many times have you heard anyone with a paycheck from the media quote what segregationist said integration would lead to?

In the 1960s Hans Eysenck wrote an article for National Review predicting that integration would damage most blacks by having its natural leaders melt into white suburban society, leaving the mass of blacks devoid of leadership and talent. Since then, I have read numerous articles in the mainline media about how this has happened.

Usually when a magazine makes a deadly accurate prediction, it proudly quotes it regularly.

It will be a long, cold day in the Eight Circle of Hell before National Review or any other respectable conservative publication quotes that Eysenck prophecy.

When I was trying to get thousands of Stormfront readers to notice I was tearing the guts out of anti-whites in Opposing Views, they obediently talked about Iraq and ONLY Iraq, which was the media's choice of Big Issues.

I worked hard, I spent money, but I was stopped by people who didn't listen to the silence.