It is not immodest for a coach to say he knows a lot about football. If he doesn't think his players are learning a hell of a lot, he should be doing something else.

When it comes to the only important issue on earth, you already have plenty here to teach you the general art of fisticuffs. If you have been a BUGSER for a while, the only strategy your opponents have is to avoid a fair fight.

So we who know this business are now in a position to go straight for a Knockout.

You can talk all week about "inhibiting the free flow of ideas". In fact that is about the only language our rather desperately respectable pro-whites knows. But for me, such obstruction is a great chance to use the term "Thought Police," which is what we are facing, a term everybody knows, and is a knockout punch.

Think of all the millions of words respectable pro-whites have poured out to answer the simple phrase Kennedy's speech writer put in, "A Nation of Immigrants." Those are not even light jabs in the actual match.

I use, "All nations are nations of immigrants." It normally kills their argument, exposes their ignorance of history, and they never use that slogan around me twice.

It's a KO phrase.

It is so simple that, like White Genocide, the KO is often overlooked.

Amateur propagandists naturally go through exactly the same phases early advertisers did.

It's largely an ego thing that makes amateurs want to look smart and for people to think they know the subject expertly. But to the early car makers and the pretend doctors who sold patent medicines, it was a matter of survival.

More words for less money! Every Real Businessman knew how to handle THAT!

So early ads by Practical Businessmen found that you got more words for the same money if it was small print, so they had a whole page you could hardly read even if you tried.

And precious few people tried.

One of the first products of women's liberation was lung cancer. Instead of a long discussion of where they bought their tobacco, one cigarette company just showed a man smoking and his girl friend sitting beside him saying, "Blow some my way."

It made smoking seem attractive in men and it got millions of women smoking.

But we pro-whites are STILL in the amateur age of propaganda.

It didn't sell then and it doesn't sell now.