The logic I am using here, like all logical thought, leads me into a piece of pure heresy against Political Correctness. If Christianity has a degenerate form because Christians are human beings, and if Islam has a degenerate form because Moslems are just human beings, is it possible that Jews are human, too?

If Jews are human, then Judaism has a degenerate form, too. But in America today, all the major Christian denominations and all the Jewish denominations agree that any gentile who utters any criticism of anything Jewish is at best an agent of Hitler and at worst an agent of Satan Himself. Which is just another way of saying that today's accepted Christianity and today's accepted Judaism have gone all the way to their degenerate form.

The degenerate form of Islam is terrorism and the degenerate form of Christianity is Guilt carried to the extreme of pure self-hatred. The degenerate form of Judaism is total self-pity. Self-pity leads to a desire for revenge. That leads straight to hatred.

The definition of degenerate Judaism is carried in the endlessly repeated words, "Five thousand years of Suffering." Degenerate Christianity has the same motto about Jews, who exist to Suffer. These two pitiful creatures agree that only Jews can Suffer and the only feeling a Christian should be capable of is Guilt and self-hate for Jewish Suffering.

Some of the serious Jews say that the Holocaust has completely replaced real religion in the minds of many Jews. I know for a fact that the worship of Israel and self-hatred has replaced Christ in the mainline Christian denominations of our day.

In the Koran there is enough about Holy War to allow mere humans to turn it into a religion of Terror. In the Old Testament, there is plenty about being Chosen and Unique Suffering to allow Jews to turn Judaism into pure self-pity and revenge. There is plenty in the words of St. Paul and in the New Testament in general to allow a Christian who tends that way to hate his own existence and to hate himself.