WHAT IS TRUTH? | 2005-08-06

That is the question I discuss in this week's Saturday Internet radio program that can be linked at: Townhall

The reason Pontius Pilate asked this rhetorical question was because he wanted to get Jesus off His obsession with what Pilate thought was an impractical, theoretical, unimportant point. Jesus was talking about truth, and he was forcing Pontius Pilate to crucify him for it.

And here we can begin with a truth.

Who crucified Christ?

Christ used the bigotry of Jews and the Roman obsession with law and order, but in the end He knew precisely what He was doing.

People like to say that WE crucified Christ with our sins. That is a nice Politically Correct, Christian-sounding phrase that leaves the Jews out of it. But we could not force Jesus to go onto the Cross for our sins.

We were the REASON Christ died on the Cross. Jewish bigotry and Roman Law were the MEANS by which Christ was put on the Cross. But until the last minute Pontius Pilate asked that question, the TRUTH of the matter is that Pilate was trying desperately to keep Jesus off the Cross.

The truth of the matter is that only one person was capable of crucifying Jesus Christ.

We were the reason, Jews and Romans were the means.

But in the end it was Christ who crucified Christ. We were the cause, but we never had that kind of power.