When minority groups get together, all they talk about is white people.

I remember an incident in Africa. It happened when the newly independent black countries decided they had to have black pilots for their airlines. So they put on a few black co-pilots as a start. Whites in Africa did not object. They knew there was a white pilot up there and the black man could land the plane in an emergency.

It was the black passengers who walked off the plane. Black equality was wonderful theory, but they were not about to go up in a plane that had a black man up front.

Black "leaders" were horribly embarrassed when, in the wake of 9/11, whites slavishly accepted the Politically Correct doctrine that Arabs should not be singled out for search when they got on the airline, but blacks said, "No way!" Blacks universally accepted the abstract idea that "profiling" was Evil when it applied to them, but they were eager to accept the Evil of profiling when it meant they would not be killed in a hijacked plane.

They were right. When things get serious, leftism is suicide. When things get serious, you talk turkey.

In a crisis, everybody looks around for someone who is tall and blond. That is reality.

In a crisis no one looks around for someone who is tall and blond and screaming, "All is lost!"

I was raised in a society that was an outpost of white supremacy and where the majority was black. It was a very rough society, the exact opposite of the Yuppie ideal we have today, the ideal of the moral cowards and the "All is lost!" right-wingers.

How will we reverse the catastrophe we have right now? Maybe we should look to people who dealt with this same situation in the past.