It has been noticed that many states have become totally controlled by the Democrats because of their growing minority populations. What is amazing is that the Republican Party still exists at all.

As I point out in Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood we pay our universities to produce whole generations of liberals at public expense. At the same time we are importing liberal votes by the millions.

The serious polls show that universities are doing their job. They are not turning out a solid group of liberal youth the way we pay them to, but young college graduates are well to the left of the general population.

Before you recite the tired old line that youth is radical, let me remind you that there is nothing radical about liberalism. In the real world the college-educated population has generally been to the RIGHT of the general population. In 1896 students at Yale rioted to prevent the economically left-wing William Jennings Bryan from speaking on campus, just as they would riot to prevent a conservative from speaking today.

But despite manufacturing liberals at public expense and importing them by the millions, there is a Republican president and a Republican majority in both Houses of Congress. That can only be because the population of non-imported people, of people who did not recently graduate from college, and of college graduates who have outgrown their college indoctrination must have grown stupendously.