Most of us have heard of the Nordic --not just white, but blond and redheaded -- mummies that were discovered in CHINA. They were so well preserved that one of them, the one that was pictured in the "Reader's Digest" feature on these mummies, looks like he just went to sleep.

In fact, the mummies are so outstandingly Northern European looking that one historian thought his colleagues who brought the news to him were pulling a joke on him.

This gentleman was a linguist who had theorized that many early Chinese technological advances were adopted from Indo-European "barbarians," many of whom were blond and red-headed (See August 19, 2000 - WHEN THE WAGONS FIRST ROLLED WEST).

This linguist was also an expert on ancient Chinese language and literature. He noted the similarity between many ancient Chinese legends and those of ancient Greece and Iran. He also made a long list of otherwise inexplicable ancient Chinese words that were Indo-European in origin. One of these words was "wheel."

So when his colleagues told him that mummies had been found in China that were not only white but also blond and red-headed Indo-European stock, he thought they were joking with him. When he saw the mummies, even with his foreknowledge, he was still shocked.

The word "wheel" in ancient Chinese was especially revealing because almost nobody today thinks of the wheel as something a civilization would ADOPT from another culture. We assume that every civilization had the wheel all the way back to cavemen.

Cartoons normally show cavemen inventing the first wheel. This shows how accepted the idea is that the wheel is a very, very primitive invention.

In the real world, the ONLY early "civilization" where we had thought the wheel existed before Indo-European invasions was -- by a strange coincidence -- China.

Indo-Europeans, or "Scythians," brought the wheel to Egypt within recorded history, and history tells us they were the opposite of a "civilization." These, OUR ancestors, are officially "barbarians" in the history we pay professors to teach our children.

Apparently China, just like Egypt and Mesopotamia, got the wheel from our "barbarian" ancestors. Please be sure to read August 19, 2000 - WHEN THE WAGONS FIRST ROLLED WEST.

I get a bit of amusement from the standard line about how wildly advanced the builders of the pyramids were, both in Egypt and in pre-Columbian America. NONE OF THESE WILDLY ADVANCED PYRAMID BUILDERS HAD THE WHEEL!