Antis either argue that we compete with non-white birth rates to keep what is ours, (that's a lot of sex) or they say the white race does not exist.

And that really is all they have?

To think the ethnic cleansing of a whole race of people is based on something so WEAK and SHALLOW!

I can't be the only one to see this?

Their own ideology is biting them in the ass so hard it's embarrassing to watch.

I say everyone join in the fun, and encourage the antis to take the challenge.

Comment by Lord Nelson


Yes, that is all they have.

But no one SEES that but us.

Since WWII in order to be taken seriously you have had to show that you take THEM seriously.

For half a century I have lived in a world where people tried to prove, with earnestness that they had to show, that Wiley Fox's efforts to catch the Roadrunner represented a logical error.

At last, I have some people who see that there is nothing "intellectual" about this. For me living in a world like that has not been easy. In fact it is hard for you to imagine.

But there is no POINT in your imagining it.

To make Bob happy just GO GET those SOBs!

How often in all of history has anybody been offered the chance to tear the ruling Absolute Faith apart and have a ball doing it? Follow Lord Nelson and ENJOY it.