Talking about real crises reminded me of a movie I saw when I just entered my teens. It was called "When Worlds Collide."

Yes, damn it; they DID have movies when I was young. They even had SOUND!

The movie was based on the idea that another world was headed for a collision with earth. That was before we realize that huge things DO collide with earth from space. In fact, the present earth and the moon are the result of a crash of that sort over four billion years ago.

No, damn it, I DON'T remember it.

Anyone on earth was DEAD.

"Nothing concentrates the mind like the realization that one is to be hanged at dawn." Here again, the bullshit artists would make that movie today a lesson in ideology. They would have had a healthy multiracial group on the single spaceship that sent the only survivors out into space. Whites would tearfully yield their space to Africans.

Now let's imagine what would happen if a meteor a hundred miles across were REALLY headed for earth. Each place on that spaceship is a matter of life and death. Can you imagine ANYBODY paying the slightest attention to the bullshit artists who would script the MOVIE about it?

In fact, this has a practical value. You can tell whether a crisis is real by the proportion of Politically Correct people who are taken seriously when they discuss it.