I was thinking of Alan B all alone out there handing out the Mantra and being told by the university officials "This is OUR University. Have you gotten permission (from us) to do this? Have you paid us tuition to be a student so you can do this?"

When I wrote Why Johnny Can't Think I wanted people to go into universities and put our stuff on the bulletin boards and face down the officials who told them they had to pay for the place but they had no right to express THEIR opinions there.

It didn't happen. It takes a lot of years to build up the kind of confidence I have on a campus. The bottom line was FEAR. For all his or her chest beating about the universities, nobody was ABOUT to go in there and fight it out. I offered to go in there with them.

No takers.

Alan B is proposing more than he realizes, and he will probably come back the first time with his tail between his legs. I got slapped down more times than I can relate in the last fifty years.

But it is the tries, the defeats that are especially worth reporting back.

When I brought my Austrian wife, whom I met in South Africa, back to the States with me we were watching the first reports on an American election, at the very beginning of the primaries. It showed a lone man out at about 7 am in a deserted shopping mall with his campaign literature in hand.

"Now THAT," I told her, "Is what REAL politics looks like. Look at that guy. I have been where he is many, many times."

We keep reading stuff from Stormfront about people who dream of being in the march of tens of thousands of Storm Troopers who have just taken over the government. When we see campaigns talked about on television, we see the candidate marching in with thousands of ecstatic supporters cheering for him.

That is what politics looks like to almost everybody who hasn't been in a campaign from the get-go.

Actually, when a campaign reaches the point where the candidate has gotten the nomination and it is a serious fight, the planning for that news event where the camera shows the candidate marching in greeted by the enthusiastic crowd, the planning for that news event began weeks before. The campaign calls the local drudge, like me, and says, "We'll be there on September 8."

Said drudge then begins calling, arranging. It's scary because you are never SURE people will show up. And all that matters in a news event is that they SHOW UP.

"But I've got a LIFE. I have to do to a movie that night."

But I've got a LIFE.

But I've got a LIFE.

The assumption is that Ole Bob has no life at all except to knock himself out, free of charge, to do this work.

So flash back to the candidate I was watching at the beginning of the primary with my new wife. That man was out there alone in what no chest-beater would call "real" politics, the mass marches and the mass demonstrations. REAL politics is mass demonstrations. REAL politics is fighting off the worshipping mob of supporters with a grin on your face.

Until that happens, people will tell you, "But I've got a LIFE."

Compared to what people call REAL politics, this is nothing to interrupt your LIFE with.

A final note: My wife called me at work one evening in November, when I was tired and busy.

She said, "You remember the guy we saw on television when you said: "That's what REAL politics looks like?"

I thought and then remembered the incident through my fog of election-day exhaustion and said, "Yes."

My wife said, "He just got elected."

Alan B, Pain, and DISCIPLINED Initiative:

Pain has developed what he calls "Mantra parties." He reported back here to headquarters in a comment that he had handed out the Mantra, but taken off the title BOB'S off the Mantra. Pain knows very well that that is no problem, but he reported it back because we are using a style of warfare that made the West so devastating from ancient times.

The reason our approach is so devastating is precisely the same reason the Roman legions conquered the old world. And for centuries no one could explain it to Easterners. To a Middle Easterner, the difference between what Roman and what they had was simple too subtle to explain.

Roman legions wheeled in formation. They were a solid block. We use the same one-two punch, Mantra and HERESY, over and over. To an ancient Middle Easterner or a modern Political Correctness freak, that is just blind obedience.

But blind, slavish obedience was the specialty of the East that faced the Romans and it is the foundation of the Politically Correct establishment today. So why were a hundred thousand of their troops cut to ribbons by a thousand Romans then and a single Blog practitioner today?

Well, I added the word "initiative" to it. But the hordes of Eastern potentates then and PC freaks today show plenty of what THEY call initiative. In fact, the reason Romans ripped them apart was because each of the members of their howling horde was fighting his OWN fight. They came roaring down in hordes, or being wildly offended in the case of today's PC freaks, and the Romans wheeled in formation.

Our enemies had initiative and they the discipline of slavery, i.e., blind obedience.

We form a block, but that is not BLIND obedience. It WORKS.

Alan B reports back to HQ that he GOING to distribute a hundred copies of the Mantra at his old university. That is a GREAT idea. I am anxious to see how it comes out, so the word GOING is in caps as a challenge.

But, one could ask, what is the difference between Alan B handing out stuff and the billions of pieces or paper PC freaks have handed out? Nobody is better at going into a mental coma and repeating the same things over and over than they are.

You and I know the difference, but this Blog is all basics, so let's spell it out.

No Eastern potentate ever said, "OK, you men go out there and find a way to use our disciplined formations. The Roman model was developed when the Roman army was made up of citizen-farmers. Their WEAPON was their formation, their discipline. But in each battle they had to wheel and move together in the bewildering confusion of real battle.

All the Tough Guys will tell you that the whole plan of a battle falls apart in the first minute of real shooting. If that had happened to the Romans they would have been dead half an hour later. The magic of the while thing was that the Romans stayed in formation and, at the same time, adapted that weapon of discipline into the wild confusion of an actual battle.

Now let me give you an example of how OUR formation can so easily break down. A year or so ago, when I was trying desperately to get some people like you, one person decided my discussion was a parlor game and not a means of warfare.

He didn't want to sound like he was just being a follower, so he said, "You say Political Correctness is a religion, and I agree it is a lot like one. But (what us true intellectuals know is that) it is not a religion. It is rigid system of beliefs."

This is the break in discipline that gets you slaughtered. It made me tired all over. No, I explained for the hundredth time, PC is not a "rigid system of beliefs." The Bill of Rights does not say the United States Government cannot establish a rigid system of beliefs. The whole public school system cannot be defunded for teaching a "rigid system of beliefs." A professor cannot be fired for teaching "a rigid system of beliefs."

The whole point is that this is a religious, something, ILLEGAL for one to use public funds to promote. The point is, this guy thought he was showing intellectual discipline when what he was doing was fatally breaking up our ranks, our line of battle.

Like the Roman legion, the Mantra and HERESY were the products of YEARS of costly trial and error.

Both the legion and the Mantra look like common sense. But any professional writer, especially in politics, will tell you that when something looks like it is obvious and just fell out of the typewriter, there's BLOOD on the typewriter keys. You SLAVE to write 1) something that just flows; 2) contains ALL the point AND 3) quits, dead stops, when it has done and makes it SHORTER.

Once I have hammered my points down, once I have figured out exactly what the truth of what I am trying to say is, each rewrite is SHORTER, not longer.

I have given you some weapons that are the best fifty years of using a powerful mind can produce. I demand that you not PLAY with our rigid formation. But at the same time the LAST thing I want is a bunch of Oriental hordes or PC Zombies who keep repeating The Master's Words.

So Pain is having a little fun. He is finding ways to hit people with the message and then reporting back to us about the wasps' nest he stirs up. But he NEVER breaks formation. He is NEVER lured into running out and chasing down one particular slave of the enemy he has got cornered.


That is why one of us can destroy the solid front a whole university has spent millions of dollars building.

Sic 'em, Alan B.

And report back