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"Why do people SAY things?"

Someone asked me a while back whether Joe Sobran's column complaining about people who quote Jesus instead of The Church was in response to me. My reply is simple, but it is not EASY to get across.

It is hard to talk to real people, in whose lives commentary on politics is a diversion or a hobby, that the world of PROFESSINAL commentary is absolutely different. A column and a comment and an article and speech must be written every day. This is a life's WORK, not a la-de-dah hobby.

Joe and all the rest of them have to produce THOUSANDS of these. When I was at his place the steady phone calls took priority over anyone's visit. They were information GIVEN to him that constituted the stuff his LIVING was made of.

NOW let's look at ME. I am a pro, I made my living for decades producing this stuff, and now here it is free. So when I say Ann Coulter's book on liberalism as a church came from me, I am not bragging. My bosses PAID me to come up with that sort of thing. Can Yu imagine professional writers who know about me MISS this stuff?

They might get it second-hand, at a party or on one of Joe's calls, but they LIVE ON this stuff. So most people say I'm bragging when I point out that one of a thousand books or columns by a big name came from me.

If you know the business, it would be astonishing if they DIDN'T.


Do we mark the Pope a race-traitor? In that case, do we not mark every single living 'bona-fide', elected white leader in the West a race-traitor? And what of the white electorates? Heck there's work to be done!


OK. Every single living bona-fide white leader IS a race-traitor. It's part of the job description.

I have been pointing that out on WOL since the beginning. The instant a leader says something pro-white he is no longer respectable and he is OUT. I am an example of that.

Pain made the only comment on my piece below about how other professionals read my writing because I am 1) kicked out and 2) a damned good source of thought respectable NEED every day to make a living. He said something about how I am saying a priest wrote the Sobran piece I referred to, which I assume is his brand of humor.

But I DID figure out a way to take ADVANTAGE of being kicked out. I AM a pro, I made MONEY out of my ideas, and now they're free for the taking, and nobody has to give me credit for them. You better believe the other pros take advantage of that. I hope SOMEBODY noticed the POINT here.

BECAUSE I'm kicked out, my ideas spread BETTER than they would if I were a big name getting paid for it. Bill Rusher gave me credit for one of my ideas in a book, and THAT one didn't spread.

This is an EXAMPLE of my saying, "You can have the money, you can have the fame, you can have the titles, all I want to do is rule the world." It works beautifully precisely because no one but me can SEE it working.