Culture is usually a canard. Some will talk about culture when they are frightened of the little word "race."

People - the race - are always more important than culture. People create culture. The culture has worth in as much as it fosters people.

Since culture is both creature and servant of the race, then the race is always the most important.

But most people here and now talk about culture as a way to run away from "race."

Comment by Pain


Thank God - ANOTHER expansion on OUR way of thinking!

But most people here and now talk about culture as a way to run away from "race."

EXACTLY! We all KNOW that, but we never SAY that.

The leftists always use the two steps forward, one step back policy.

It always works. A person who has a Confederate flag on his car with "Heritage Not Hate" does not realize he have helped our enemies make a major step forward:

1) They condemn all Confederate symbols because they represent Racism.

2) Confederate flag people respond by denouncing any concern about the ongoing genocide of the white race as" Racism" and Hate and say THEIR symbol has nothing to do with that.

3) So the antis just got a major step forward, everybody now agrees any concern over the white race is to be denounced by everybody who loves our Heritage.

We just saw another example of this. The media went for Cinco de Mayo big time just at the moment it obscured the REAL founding of America exactly four hundred years ago.

Nobody on our side has noticed YET.

Yes, Peter, you hit the nail on the head: "Save our Culture" like "Heritage not Hate" is the language of chicken-out. It's says everything is culturing, not genes. Which happens to be a major plank in the anti platform.