Tell people who answer they are for ALL races that they are answering with a provincial point of view.

This is culture shock, and it is also perfectly true.

If you only look at the world as America, or as Britain, or whatever country you live in, you think your idea of "tolerance" is a local issue.

Only by lifting your eyes from this purely provincial obsession can you see the general picture, the World View that the Mantra presents.

Like the Mantra itself, this is a real shocker. The LAST thing any anti-white expects is for someone to accuse him of PROVINCIALISM. Mommy Professor told him this was True Internationalism, an objective view of the whole world.

Properly used, just hat one word, "provincialism," can rock their world.

And, as our strategies here all are, it is a way to tell the simple truth.

After you put in the Mantra, most of the opponents who are actually capable of being convinced of our point of view will mutter that they are not anti-anybody. That is where you should try starting with a sentence saying that that is what a person with a provincial point of view often thinks.

The BUGS Swarm needs to try this out and see how to make it work.