I actually believe Wordism developed fairly late in the game as the way to destroy cognition, and the use of the mind as a tool for development.

The extreme perversion, of course, is the inversion, where a word in practice means the exact opposite of what it would mean, in theory.

Thus, "equality of opportunity" becomes perverted into "mandated equality of outcomes," and all power eventually resides in the totalitarian state where our lives are simply capital to be allocated.

The greatest error we have made is trying to be rational with the irrational. The raw drive for power does not need the limits of words. It simply operates, ruthlessly, and only stops when a countervailing power forces it to stop.

Years ago, in Psych class, the topic was bullies, and the Prof - Jewish, of course - was dealing with the issue of how do we deal with them, how can we understand them, etc. He posed the question, "Why do people act like bullies?" My answer - alone, in a lecture hall of more than 200 - was simply:

"They act like bullies because they ARE bullies, and being bullies simply works for them. They will stop only when the costs outweigh the benefits. A good ass-whipping is one example."

Total silence, and the class looked straight ahead, in silence.

He literally ignored me, and went right on: "Let's talk about some of the tools we can use to understand bullying behavior, now..."

The System implicitly and now explicitly rewards the intellectual equivalent of impotence. It really cannot hold together in its present form for much longer.

I was discussing where this MUST lead on another forum and described what Symbol I use for motivation. It is the picture drawn by Ayn Rand near the end of Atlas Shrugged where the Taggart Transcontinental is stranded on the prairie and the light at the front of the train grows dimmer, ever dimmer, as Eddie Willers cries helplessly in front to the symbol of a value system rejected by the degenerate society, in the distance, on the one hand, the Hidden Communities of people reuniting to survive, and on the other hand, the Raiders.

I have argued elsewhere that accepting White Nationalism is the functional equivalent of a religious conversion, a small step by step beginning toward finally accepting the plain evidence of the senses, that SOMETHING is profoundly wrong, and that the foundation of all of this comes down to RACE, writ large, as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture, with Family as the microcosm of RACE, and RACE as the macrocosm of Family.

I listen to people talk about Hannity and Limbaugh as if they were men of substance, saying things of substance, and I feel a sense of pity for their situation, mingled with contempt for what curses they have left for their posterity...

I judge all actions, no matter how great or small, in the light of RACE - First, Foremost, Forever, and cringe in quiet horror at the future their posterity will face, THEIR posterity, but hopefully, not mine.

The next time my nephews come to visit, I will discuss Atlas Shrugged with them and ask them if they can see ALL decisions as reflections of one big decision: "New Atlantis," or helpless abandonment on the prairie, at the mercy of the kindness of strangers who happen to be their implacable RACIAL enemies.

The reality we are dealing with goes beyond words, but is shaped by words in this Earth.

Shaped by, but not limited to...

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