Democrats are described by respectable conservatives as getting out THE vote.

What is "THE" vote?

It is getting brown skins to the polling places.

Democrats devote hundreds of millions of dollars each election to getting "minorities" to the polls. They say so. They put their money where their mouth is. But no respectable conservative will says that everybody knows one brown skin equals one leftist vote.

In fact if anyone on the right says that minorities are slavishly leftist, the lynch mob out to get them will be led by Hannity, O'Reilly and the Tea Party.

"Getting out THE vote" is exactly the same as mixing THE races. Getting out THE vote today means NOT getting out whites, just as mixing THE races means pouring non-whites into every corner of the white world, and ONLY white countries.

And anyone who says so, as you should know by now from practice, will be lynched by those who make their livings as respectable conservatives.

THE races or THE vote is always the way conservatives do their groveling. THE VOTE is always a grovel term, used to hide the racial nature of everything important that is going on.

The epitaph of the Western world will be, "Whatever it is, it is NOT racial."

Very few Americans under the age of forty have never heard a radio or television sign off. Almost all stations used to sign off the air in the dark of early morning, usually with the National Anthem.

When the Watts Riots occurred in 1965, the radios were full of it. Then about 2 am, most of them had to sign off. I remember one broadcasting network news ending with the words, whatever is going on in Los Angeles, it may be the result of police harassment or of poverty, (or so on and so forth), but the one thing we on the scene know for certain is that THIS RIOT IS NOT RACIAL."

I capitalize it because THEY capitalized it.

They didn't know what THE problem was, but it was THE problem. By the time stations signed on the next day al of them forgot they had ever said that.

In the middle sixties people who could see the smoke from race riots in their cities wrote in protests the networks never mentioned them. Finally Lord Anchor, with a frown on his face from being bothered, said, yes, a million people had written about it, so he gave a list of the cities riots had occurred in and, with a put upon sigh, he kept it up for fifty or so locations. His attitude, as you get today, was that people did not realize who the news belonged to and should shut up.

You'll get the same reaction from National Review and the Tea Party today.

THE vote, THE races. If you let that lie go by, you are far, far worse than useless.