I see, the "Sauron Problem" = keeping all your eggs in one basket.

Hitler said it was the German Army that ruined Germany in 1945. They had put him in power and the Germans put too much faith in them, but they were loyal more to themselves than to Germany, and so proved unreliable when the going became rough.

Comment by Pain


I would think the Sauron problem is the opposite of keeping your eggs in one basket. If Sauron had kept his eggs in his own basket, and not spread them into the Ring, he would have been better off. Every movement whites put their being into their race but also into their party or their church.

Here is the process:

1) Whites decide that racial survival must be JUSTIFIED in Higher Terms. So they start saying how the Bible or something demands white survival.

2) They stop viewing their institutions as a means to the end of racial survival, and begin to take the survival of the institutions themselves as a goal in itself. So when the Democratic Party betrayed whites, when the National Party deserted whites, the whites in those parties still stayed loyal to the Democrats and the National Party;

3) Wordism either shares importance with survival or replaces survival entirely. The church came to look upon genetic suicide as the highest virtue, just as Political Correctness does today.

Stage 3) is the natural growth from Stage 1).

The only alternative is simple but not easy. This is to declare immovably that survival is not the MAIN priority, it is the ONLY priority. The second you begin to take the survival of anything but your genes seriously in the name of any Book, you are on the road to suicide.