So if the nationalists are going to wimp out on us the way respectable conservatives did, what is our hope for the future, and why does Bob root for them so much?

In order to save our race, we need two things: 1) a desire to do it and 2) a means to do it.

A BUGSter just got 2800 hits in one day on the Mantra! More and more SFers, I am told, are making the Mantra THEIR Mantra. No matter how their leaders cower back, the MESSAGE of any Nationalist Party advance in Europe helps the Mantra hugely.

It makes the unmentionable come true. The Parties are likely to fail, not least because they are not smart enough to use the Mantra. But the more the old political certainties are violated, the easier spreading the Mantra becomes.

And there are a LOT of violations coming. Like "liberal," the word Diversity is rapidly becoming un-chic.

And that is more important than any election.

It is not political policy that will save our race. It is the OPEN DESIRE to do so.

I have been writing my fingers off about the future, so maybe someone noticed. With fusion power and space-based solar power or whatever else is coming along while they show spacemen writing on slates and solar wheels spinning, if we make saving our race a legitimate priority, it will happen.

Attempts to build all-white communities repeatedly fail because they are a major effort. But new communities will be a matter of choice with an advance of technology. Already BUGS is more of a community than most of us have with our next-door neighbors.

We must get rid of the taboo on saving our race.

The problem with predictions of the future is that they assume they know HOW things will go. That is fatal, as, if you want to read my articles about the read what I write about the future again with this in mind, I keep saying.

Have you ever noticed something about white flight? It is not conservative flight. It is not Christian Flight. It is not liberal flight. Despite the fact that many of the Negroes believe in the Book just as much as the Christian who would love to have a nice, Christian black man for his daughter's husband, white flight never checks to see what Book a guy drools about.

It is national policy not to search a young Moslem for boarding a plane any more than an eighty-year-old white woman. But everyone knows this is insane.

In 1950, at the beginning of the Korean War, the Congress debated a provision that draftees be allowed to choose all-white units, mixed units or all-black units. It was defeated for a very good reason: All the whites would go to the all-white units.

Precious few of the whites who SCREAM that the color of the skin is nothing refuse to join in the White Flight.

One of the absolute requirements to be a respectable conservative is to deny that white people would not choose to live in an all-white society. This is especially required if you want to be a respectable Libertarian.

If the liberal media require something for respectability, it is sure to be what Screwtape called, "A good, solid, resounding lie." Actually, C.S. Lewis was referring to "equality" in that passage, but it is the same thing.

People used to live where they worked. Technology is making it more and more a matter of choice.

It takes a LOT of DAILY pressure to keep ANYONE from having ANY openly all-white community. The Mantra legitimizes it.

And once White Flight starts, it doesn't stop.