I told you below that there were lessons in the Kelso-Carto incident you needed to think about. Here's the first:

Willis apparently did something inexcusable in this case. I have done things I cannot forgive myself for. I can easily say that. Willis has a huge number of people who depend on him and he may not be able to apologize, and certainly he cannot apologize as easily as I can.

But Willis and I are in a category it is very hard for anybody who has not been in this battle as long and as hard as we have to understand something that is, as usual in our blog here, so simple as to be overlooked in the heat of a fight.

The reason that psychopaths rule our society is that no one supposed to say a single wrong word.

I keep coming back to the fact that Ted Bundy was able to give a great, big, broad, sincerity-right-out-of-the-can grin when his picture was taken.

In a society where anything you said wrong twenty years ago is used against you and is on record, people like Willis and me are at a hopeless disadvantage against the psychopaths.

We say the wrong thing. We blow our tops. We are cruel. Psychopaths like Bill Clinton and Ted Bundy and respectable conservatives are smooth as glass all the way through.

I have seen many movies where a person with a big-caliber rifle would shoot somebody and the person they shoot is lifted off his feet by the blast and thrown several feet backwards while the person who fired the weapon just stands there.

This is physically impossible but it doesn't matter. It looks good and it's entertainment.

But in the real world the power transferred by a bullet in one direction is entirely matched by the kick the person firing the gun gets hit with. If a blast knocked the person being shot ten feet backward, the person doing the firing would be knocked backwards too.

Human dynamics work the same way.

When you send a Willis Carto or a Bob Whitaker out there to shoot it out with the other side, he doesn't come back smooth, with every hair in place and all the gentleness we have come to expect from the Bill Clintons and the Ted Bundys and the respectable conservatives.

Willis is often mean and inexcusably cruel and even, as in this case, just plain cowardly.

Get used to it or resign yourself to rule by psychopaths.