So if our cult-like community's bleak outlook is dead wrong compared with Bob's future of white designer babies, then what are we doing here? Let's just forget about all this stuff that isn't fun to think about. From my understanding, regardless of what we do or don't do, think or don't think, the future will be white since almost all parents will choose white because it is smarter and prettier.

Al Parker


THINK a minute! What is it you get here that you don't get elsewhere? One of the major things you DON'T get here is a Whitakerism, an Only True Program like Mr. Webb's newspaper. I just said to Shari:

A major part of our job may simply be to make people WANT whites to survive. The baggage here is that you think you know it will all involve dramatics, fighting, torchlight parades, or an economic collapse.

I have fund that politically interested people are exactly like generals: They are always preparing for the LAST war. That's what I call baggage.

I got Charles Issawi's permission to quote him on the first page of my first book (in my own name) thirty years ago, so I'll do it here:

"Social scientists like generals are always preparing for the last war."

The Maginot Line and the gas masks carried by soldiers early in WWII are perfect examples of how everybody was preparing for a repeat of the poison gas and trenches of World War I. So much for generals preparing for the last war. Issawi goes on to describe social scientists:

"Depression when inflation is rife, oppression when society is out of control, and the rights of minorities when the majority has lost its direction unable to assert its will."

Once again, you carry that "It's no point if collapse is not eminent" psychology EVERY other pro-white site will give you. Some will give you an Only True Program to deal with The Crisis. Others will say the Crisis is hopeless so we should all, in full self-righteousness because Lord knows we TRIED, just plain QUIT.

Unlike the CIA, I didn't care if the Soviet Empire collapsed because of increased Intelligence budgets or just fizzled out the way it did. I wasn't in it to be a dragon slayer. I just wanted the God damned (literally) thing DEAD.

I don't care if you get your drama or not. I don't care if my race is saved by Webb making a million dollars on his newspaper or by a wave of sympathy for our race's survival due to the Mantra when designer babies come along.

If you would get that baggage off your back, you would realize that one of the establishment's major anti-white gambits is whites adopting non-whites.

I am here to save my race, not to run around in jackboots.

I don't CARE whether it is a drama or not. The Soviet Empire didn't collapse in any of the dramatic scenarios anyone would have guessed. It fell out of SILLINESS. Ross Perot was not leading in the polls for the presidency because of anything dramatic. We came close to a political revolution, because that would have made opened up ALL avenues, because people had the attitude they have right now: the political system doesn't make any difference.

In fact, the baggage you are carrying is the one thing the establishment still SURVIVES on. You take them seriously. Respectable conservatives get PAID to take them seriously. All anyone remembers about Perot are his big ears. I know that Perot was not the point. The fact that he was number one in a field of three, just like Jessie Ventura who stayed in, was the critical point.

It is also a fact you will see NO ONE MENTION OUTSIDE OF THIS BLOG.

The tiny samizdat self-publications did more to bring down the USSR than the CIA EVER did. Reagan's two words, "Evil Empire" did more to bring it down than all the Tough Guys put together.

Meanwhile our entire side is bemoaning the immovable power of the geniuses that rule us, shouting about 1933 torchlight parades, and looking for a Depression like the one that brought Hitler to power. None of them even NOTICE that these geniuses have made Europe subject to an electoral bloc that hates Jews worse than Hitler did, that just brought an end to Holocaust education England.