Bob's Blog is about one simple, profound, and true idea: EVERY institution, without exception, is a racket. "White nationalism" is no less a racket than "political correctness". Anti-Semitism is no less a racket than Judaism. A plague on ALL those houses! Bob says.

The only true power in the world is the ability to grasp this truth. The only power ANY racket has over ANYBODY is the power the ignorance of its victims grants it. A racket that is SEEN THROUGH has no power, by definition. The worldly power you're speaking of is, quite literally, an illusion. See through it, and it's gone.

And in this, Bob is profoundly correct. He has seen behind the curtain. He has paid for this insight with blood. He has paid for this insight with loneliness.

What Bob doesn't understand is that no more than a TINY group of people will ever understand this. He understands even less that probably no more than a tiny group of people SHOULD understand this, even if that were possible. The masses must be LED. That's what they want, and that's what they need. For these, illusions are necessary. All you can hope for is that the illusions by which they live are good for them, not bad.

Nothing horrifies Bob more than the thought of LEADING his people in order to save them. Bob wants a group of people he doesn't HAVE to lead. Bob wants a group of people who would spit in his face if he even TRIED to lead them. Bob thinks that his crucial, true, hard-won insight, that any so-called worldly "power" or "authority" is nothing more than an ILLUSION and a FARCE, can be spread to the masses like a gospel. He thinks it can be popularized. He thinks spamming newsgroups with mantras can spread it. But he's wrong. There is no royal road to what Bob knows. Anybody who wants to know what Bob knows must pay the price Bob paid. Bob can't pay it for us, as much as he'd like to. Bob isn't Jesus.

Bob desperately believes we Aryans are too good to be led by ANYBODY, much less himself. And that's a great compliment. But he's wrong. What's more, it's an injustice. It's like leaving a tiny baby in a desert, explaining to the baby that anything of his own flesh and blood should be capable of fending for itself.

A race is not defined by skin color. It is not a mass of people with a certain mix of haplotypes. Rather, a true race is a tiny, burdened, race-bearing nobility that is willing to rule, with love and benevolence, over its kinfolk. If that nobility abdicates this responsibility with the excuse that any such leadership is a fraud and shouldn't be necessary and is below the dignity and intelligence of everybody involved, then only one thing will happen. The abandoned task of leading that people will be eagerly taken up by its racial enemies, and that people will be led to their physical extermination. That is, of course, what is happening to our people now.