As I pointed out before, I once had a letter in Science Digest that attacked a recurrent theme in the media. Every couple of months all the magazines, including SD, would announce that "the earliest man has been found at ..." They would ten have a set of comments from experts saying WHY mankind evolved right where the latest discovery had been made.

I criticized this in one letter to SD, and the thing simply STOPPED. No one but me noticed that the media started treating each new discovery as the LATEST new discovery. I wrote a letter to the Washington Times pointing out that, if one said, as that Moonie paper always did, that a wall at the Mexican border was the same as the Berlin Wall, then they were saying that it was the same to be inside the DC jail as outside it.

You see, the DC jail does not allow anyone outside IN, and it does not allow anyone INSIDE out. But those inside the jail feel they get the poorer deal. Those who are forced to remain IN a country is not the same as the entire population of the world that would LIKE to be in richer countries.

The paper, AND the Washington Post, abruptly stopped saying that.

As I discussed in my latest book, at least once a week you would hear a liberal commentator saying that for every time a person defended his home with a gun, a brave and fearless criminal took it away from the householder and shot him FORTY-THREE times. This came straight from the Northeast, whence all truth flows, and no policeman dared to contradict it.

Then, down in Florida, a career police officer said he had never even HEARD of a brave criminal taking the gun and using it against the householder. People whose livelihoods did not depend on a Northeastern police official quoted this letter all over the country. This line, which had been absolute Gospel a month earlier, disappeared absolutely.

Our local newspaper is a liberal rag in a chain. They were fighting to get people to vote for a change in the state constitution that would remove the ban in interracial marriage. They pointed out it had been struck down by the Supreme Curt anyway. I wrote several letters, emphasizing the Mantra, which they would not publish.

Why not, if an argument is so weak?

My list is long, long, long. Was Hitler the ONLY person who thought children card what they looked like or if they were smart? Points like that, in the real world, DO intimidate. As I say, my friends don't realize how effective I am, but my enemies sure as HELL do. A simple statement can intimidate.

Our regular participants are a handful. If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you will find that he recognizes a number of HIS millions of listeners. Participants are always few. And I didn't know that the British censor was one of them. Hell, our censors alone make up a population, and most of them are just bureaucrats. They will repeat what they hear.

A good line is like a good joke. It spreads itself.

Now if you see the world as ruled by a tiny clique of stone-faced men marching in lockstep, none of this makes any sense at all. It also means you haven't been out there much.

"Look how BIG they are. Look how TINY we are!" That is the enemy's propaganda. You can lose EVERYTHING by listening to it. If that were the whole story, no society would EVER change.

This idea made a lot more sense forty years ago. But now technology is shifting underneath the establishment. Was there ever a group of more powerful stone-faced men than the Soviet Empire? Every, I mean EVERY, Soviet Expert LAUGHED at the idea it would fall in the last century.

I helped it happen.

But the Mourners act like it never happened.

Owning CBS is simply not what it used to be. And it was never what the Mourners THOUGHT it used to be. But the Mourners can undermine your resolve.

I never met a Mourner who ever ACCOMPLISHED anything.

And if you think about it, you can see why.

This lesson is not limited to politics. If you want to be failure in life, be a Mourner. Go try to get a job at a firm and tell them up front, "Your product will never sell." Go out and try to accomplish something after telling yourself how big the world is and how small you are.

My explanation here is getting below the level of 2+2=4. But the Mourner would say, "Yes, 2+2 IS 4 for now. But it won't be tomorrow!"

Listen to him, and then try to learn arithmetic.