Dave says, "I marvel at how often battles get determined before they begin which is just another way of saying we are most often blind to what is really going on."

In fact, one of our great advantages in the battle for REAL power is that the other side has not the slightest idea.

1) As Dave says, of what is going on.


2) They have not the slightest inkling that they do not know what the reality is, which is the real kicker. I keep pointing to the fact that the initiatives of the bad guys come back and bite them in the ass all the time.

Their complete belief in their sophistication and even more their total faith in the sophistication of the people THEY choose as "experts," makes it possible for me to sit here and tell you exactly how we are building the future without the slightest fear that they will catch on.

For over forty years I have won battle after battle after battle. And every victory has been as blatant as it could be.

It is true that my enemies have some feeling that I am dangerous, whereas people on my side never will. But theirs is not knowledge, just a vague instinct that when I slap them down in a short discussion it is a bit scary. They then go right back to the "experts" I just discredited, and who are afraid to face me:

"The bitch returns to her vomit

The sow returns to her mire

And the burnt fool's bandaged finger

Goes wabbling back to the fire."

And the leaders on our side have their eyes fixed completely on where the burnt fool's bandaged finger is wabbling.

When I was doing EEGs and MMPIs and tearing people apart in a few sentences on the absolute doctrine of innate racial equality, doing the groundwork, when I spent decades putting together the political coalition that elected Reagan and brought down the Soviet Empire, no one tried to stop me. They ignored me, but it never occurred to them to STOP me. They were denouncing William F. Buckley and Robert Welch and such.

That is why it is important to recognize that they are NOT a conspiracy. They are, as Joe Sobran described it, more of a Hive. Instead of a Central Command, they have a group of people who stir their glands and cause them to swarm.

So some of THEM decided that William Buckley was a real intellectual. Actually, he was a theocratic nutcase and sincerely dedicated to the end of the white race in a nice, evenly brown Catholic society, the sort of place he imagined Mexico was when his father was Ambassador down there when he was a boy.

In other words, respectable conservatives are chosen because they are harmless.

Welch went nutty on his conspiracy bit so he became a liberal's shining example of its opposition. BUT this is critical: If there were a Conspiracy Central Headquarters, they would send out a memo saying that Buckley and Welsh were just the kind of literate morons they needed, and it was for that reason, and that reason ONLY, that they become the "opposition to liberalism" that is always quoted.

In the real world, one part of the Hive declared that the Buckleys and Welches were the official enemy for reasons even those on the left who chose them were not aware of.

They were afraid of geniuses like George Lincoln Rockwell. I saw what happened to poor Gus Hall when he tried to face Rockwell, and the mistake was not repeated.

When Rockwell showed up at National Review and helped build their New York HQ in 1955, the wildly courageous Buckley and the rest couldn't answer him, so they called a Catholic Cardinal to have lunch with him.

As with Dr. Duke, the media had very unfortunate experiences the few times they tried to deal with the real minds against them.

I did a total of two editorials and ONE panel for PBS before I was dropped in 1981. They were GOOD editorials. They were too damned good, and I was, as usual, not rejected, but ignored. Those doing the ignoring did not know exactly WHY they ignored me.

Cokie Roberts told me my first editorial in tax cuts in Puerto Rico was good, and she coached me for the announcing part. I had my picture on the front page of the New York Times in 1983 precisely because my interview constituted over half of what the reporter had there, word for word. He had to have me there in the three pictures because he had to quote me. But he never called me again.

No reporter ever did. And it was CERTAINLY not because I wasn't GOOD. Only I realized why they didn't call me back. I was not the sort of opposition they wanted.

In a conspiracy, they would all know why they dropped me and adopted the Buckleys and George Wills and other goo-goos as Great Intellects. But instead of that, the Hive actually swarms against the Buckleys and the Wills. Even the ones who made the subconscious decision that this was the kind of opposition they could handle, see the notoriety THEY gave these bozos coming back at them in the only media they read.

So they ALL swarm. A conspiracy would be totally different. Every action, every nuance of a real conspiracy would be different.