I spent my life trying to get people to see the obvious, to think about what they already knew. I am always afraid if I talk about anything but the basics, reality will slip away from them.

When he got into the spirit of the Mantra, even Lord Nelson found he was more and more slipping away from it. He found he was very successful when he talked about white countries being "overrun."

So he went that route, not considering what was happening, until I reminded him of it. If Lord Nelson can make that mistake, the average Joe will ever of in the wrong direction and STAY there.

"Overrunning" can be accepted. It does not criticize the Reverend Martin Luther the King or the Holy State of Interracial Marriage. It does not attack assimilation.

The only signal Lord Nelson got as he slid down this oily path was that his argument was suddenly much easier to make. When I pointed it out to him, he recoiled from it like it was a cobra. But who else would mention it to him?

There are no sign paths. World War II vets didn't become deadly enemies of their own race because they MEANT to. They just found that the more they did it the more their papers hats were praised by the media.

So I stick to repeating and I am very encouraged when I see, especially in General Comments 4, you remind each other of the basics. You MUST learn to go back to the basics again and again and again and again.

We are always looking for ways to get our message across. But we must constantly ask ourselves if we are not succeeding by not saying what they don't want to hear.

Too many people hack off pieces of the Mantra and seem unable to get my message: I developed the Mantra from PRACTICE, not from a committee.

The Mantra is not a Declaration, it is a TOOL. It cuts them off from each pass, like the Nazi label, I know from a thousand arguments they are going to get off on. "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews" is extraneous to someone ticking off the points as if it were an English exercise.

The only short Mantra I have found is "Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everybody." But that is because I USED it.

The Obedient Generation shows us how easy it is to slip, ever so slowly, into accepting the Party Line. Principled conservatives didn't do it purposely. They don't even KNOW they're doing it.

This leftist-respectable conservative duo was never thought of by anybody. It EVOLVED. Nobody talks about it but me.

The world is much clearer to people who never forget the basic principle of supply and demand or Occam's Law or other basics. If you get off reality like that, you have to be able to do your usual review of basics and laugh at yourself and correct yourself.

If someone slips, catch him quick.