In the last article I explained how Antonio Fini had raised my observations on respectable conservatives to the level of theoretical awareness.

I am now going to do the same for him. In his second comment, Antonio says, "To expand on my point Bob, the Austrian liberals are loudly condemning Governor Schwarzenegger for signing off on the execution of Black mass murderer Tookie Williams. They even want to name an Austrian football stadium after Tookie, to embarrass Arnold."

"Now the Austrians I know are a pretty lawful, even obedient bunch of people. They won't cross against a red light on an empty street at 2am. "

"So what would Austrian liberals do if a white man walked into a store and shot gunned an entire family of Chinamen? Probably revive the death penalty for him. But a Black mass murderer is said to be "Most admirably rehabilitated" when he refrains from knifing any corrections officers. Why?"

"Because liberals expect Blacks to commit senseless acts of violence and Whites to obey the law. Liberals are racist to the core."

Conservatives on the other hand know that if only Tookie had read Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises he could have developed into a brilliant capitalist entrepreneur. It is conservatives, not liberals who believe in the infinite perfectibility of man."

"We need to expose liberal racial hypocrisy to conservatives. They already know about liberal economic hypocrisy."

By pointing out how OBEDIENT Austrians are, you have answered your own question.

If Europeans ever realized how OBEDIENT they are, it would embarrass many of them into rebelliousness.

You ask some very logical questions. But you are dealing with a continent that for over a millennium fed the poor when told to and burned people alive when told to.

Many of those who were burned alive were exactly the people who pointed out that this was a contradiction. Today those are being imprisoned are the ones who ask exactly the kind of questions you are asking.

Remember that we are dealing with an established RELIGION today, Political Correctness. Europe's reaction today does not vary by one molecule from its blind obedience of the old established religion.

You asked why an obedient people could not be logical. You have answered your own question. Sitting at a stuck red light at 2 am is not logical. It is obedient.

The most ironic aspect of this is that Austrians think they are being rebellious in attacking Schwarzenegger. They think they are being independent-minded.

Why? Because they are TOLD that what they are doing they have been ordered to do because it represented independent, radical thought.

Karl Marx died in 1883. In his name, Joseph Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot ran the most totally reactionary regimes in human history, including the cavemen. Those regimes DIED of terminal inability to deal with ANYTHING modern.

But to this day a follower of Karl Marx is still referred to in Europe as a "radical."

Why? Because Europeans have been TOLD that a "radical" is a follower of a man who was out of date when he died in 1883. An opponent of that particular corpse is officially a "right winger," one who advocates YESTERDAY'S ideas.

To me, as a freeborn American, this is hilarious. To Europeans it is, quite literally, Gospel.

No matter how badly I feel about what I said before, I NEVER try to make up for it by giving false praise.

Antonio, unfazed by my attacks, gave us two great additions to our seminar before I even apologized.

Let me quote them and then explain why they are on target:

Antonio Fini: "Bob I've been thinking about your comment to my comment and I've yet to think of a magic bullet solution. What I'm going to start doing is hammering on the racism of liberals."

"My observation about conservatives is they spend their lives secretly wondering when blacks and browns are going to undergo a flash of inspiration and realize that America is a great country, Ronald Reagan was a great President and the welfare affirmative action state is destructive and wrong."

"In other words they believe every intelligent black man has a level headed, white, middle class conservative inside of him struggling to get out. Same thing with Jews."

"Liberals on the other hand suffer no such delusions. They know Negros are hopeless, and homosexuals are incurably sick. But it makes them feel good to give away other peoples money and rights to help the underclass."

"I mean to keep pounding away on my liberal friends that they don't really believe in equality. They believe in White Man's Burden and the eternal misery and hopelessness of non-whites."

"Also, the vengeful ruthlessness of Jews. The last thing they want is for blacks and browns to become answerable for their own problems, like adult human beings."

"What I mean to hammer home to conservatives is that the liberals are exactly right in their racist assessment of non-whites. It's OK to have racist feelings because Hillary and Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell have the exact same feelings. They're just willing to exploit other people's misery to demonstrate their holiness to the world."

Antonio, the only magic bullet there is the kind of hard thought you have given here.

Notice how Antonio's discussion is TARGETED. It outlines a different approach of each of a group of our enemies. It doesn't make the whole problem the Jews or the Communists or any other single group of evil geniuses.

Respectable conservatives are masters of self-deception. They are MASTERS of Goodthink. That is the only way to stay respectable and never see anything liberals do not want you to see.

But I did not go the next step Antonio has here.

Respectable conservatives may be the only people on earth, including blacks, who BELIEVE that blacks are innately equal to whites.

As Fini says, "In other words, respectable conservatives believe every intelligent black man has a level headed, white, middle class conservative inside of him struggling to get out."

Brilliant. What is funny is that I have OBSERVED this for decades as a conservative attitude, but I have never brought it right out the way Antonio does. I know now that the strange feeling I had in dealing with conservatives was that they BELIEVED this crap.

Now this is what a seminar is all about. Somebody else analyses what a grizzled old veteran has seen and seen and puzzled about but never really understood.

Working all alone leaves you in a lot of intellectual blind alleys like that.

Fini finishes his thought in the second comment brilliantly, "It is conservatives, not liberals who believe in the infinite perfectibility of man."

I very nearly stood up and cheered. If you read National Review, you see that all the time. I have a free lifetime subscription to NR and have seen that over and over.

But, as Sherlock Holmes kept telling Doctor Watson, I have SEEN it, but I have not previously OBSERVED it.

The technical term for this, by the way, is, "Bringing an idea to the level of theoretical awareness."

It is one of the basic functions of a seminar.