Few realize how critical the matter of "responsibilities delegation" is to racial matters.

There are five levels of employeeship:

Level 1: Stand around and wait for your orders (buck private)

Level 2: Ask what to do

Level 3: Recommend, wait for boss's approval

Level 4: Act on own, report immediately

Level 5: Act on own, report periodically

The vast majority of dark skinned people simply cannot operate beyond levels 1 and 2.

This is a major driver with the Mexican immigrant. He is looking for a better boss for his level 1 and level 2 view of the world.

Most blacks cannot function beyond level 1.

Levels 3 through 5 require someone capable of initiative and shouldering responsibility. This means they must possess the moral qualities of trust and discipline.

They must also value resourcefulness, thinking, and solving problems.

The job market is desperate for level 3 to 5 people. This is true even in times of high unemployment. Wars are routinely lost because of a lack of level 3 to 5 people.

Natural born level 5 people are exceedingly rare. Recently, I watched a natural born level five 21 year old coordinate the construction of a series of multi-million dollar office buildings.

21 years old and he flawlessly executed the command of hundreds of workers daily in a critical path of men and materials of immense complexity. That 21 year old is welcome on my team any day.

There are a lot of nonwhite intellectuals in this world who really believe they can overthrow white power. They are children. They cannot imagine what it means to oppose a cadre of white level fivers.

Comment by Dave

Reply by Mderpelding

Yes, a modern technological society requires management. That means that there MUST be a certain number of people with sufficient mental horsepower to run things.

Obviously, the third world has a disadvantage in this regard. And if "good management were all that was required for supremacy, we would still be ruling the world and would be expanding, not DECLINING.

We have built the modern world, but we are in the process of giving it up to savages.

Those same great managers are leading the charge. So most of our people DON'T CARE about the so-called "end of the white race" as we see it, mostly because they readily acknowledge their intellectual superiority. This elite assumes moral superiority also. We are becoming Judaised, an intellectual and moral elite.

But I don't want to live as a Jew, a powerful minority amongst hateful strangers. I want to live amongst my family, even if they are only "level 1" people. Hubris over our intellectual and moral supremacy makes us as Jews, not gentiles.

Pardon the aphorism, but all men live according to belief. Even those level 5 managers.

There are geniuses out there that subscribe to Marx's labor theory of value, not because it is rational, but because it represents their personal view of virtue and perfection.

A case in point would be The Church of The Latter Day Saints, very wealthy and successful and growing by leaps and bounds. They have the largest genealogical database in the U.S. They bankroll Las Vegas. They have lots of level 5 types. As a bonus, they call non-believers "gentiles" and have a separate school system like the Hebrew Yeshivas. This is all based on the visions of a certain Capt. Smith. He saw it all in a helmet.

The Chinese established a managerial society well before us westerners.

Yet in the 1930's when we were helping them fight the Japanese there were no bulldozers to create airfields, only thousands of peasants.

Even now, those of us who must deal commercially with the Chinese realize that for all their acclaimed acumen, they don't indigenize western technology.

They can manage the pants off of anyone, but they don't manipulate matter well.

In fact, they managed to commit racial suicide by limiting their birthrate to one child per couple. How would you like to be holding paper on their pension liabilities?

Our only interest should be familial. I want to live amongst my own kind. I seek unity. Not diversity.

Reply by AFKAN:

This is a fascinating point and one worthy of a lot more discussion as to how we can deal with our racial dilemmas.

From Aristotle to Evola, the key to forming a new society is to take full advantage of the meritocratic natural aristocracy that develops organically at the end of the Time of Troubles at the end of a Cycle.

However, the creation of 5s is not by accident. The grooming of their children to continue their work develops and organic expansion path for the new culture. One example of this is the British Aristocracy that even now continues to develop 5s at a heartening rate.

Peter Drucker noted the best managers ever were in the British Foreign Service. The British Civil Service would take young men of the aristocracy and plunge them into management of subcontinents. Their superior grooming and a strong education in the classics came to the fore and they succeeded remarkably.

This implies the genetic component of "the blood" has more in it than many realize.

The demonic Jews practice this ruthlessly. Their subculture only rewards men for achievement and the rewards for this are substantial. The penalties for failure to do this are no less substantial.

The entire social order is devoted to conquest, the women supporting the men, the women and the men supporting the family, and the family supporting the race.

They believe their innate superiority has a spiritual foundation.

This is complemented by a social order that rewards rabbinical study with schools devoted to teaching not just the Talmud, but also the Inner Meaning of the Talmud, so the core culture can be successfully carried forward in any culture in which the demonic Jews operate.

In short, the creation, grooming and support of 5s, an inherently eugenic undertaking, is of the first importance for a social order that wishes to succeed.

An interesting movie to look at is NAPOLA also called "Before the Fall" and while watching it you must bear in mind that under German law any movie about NSDAP Germany must place the social order of NSDAP Germany in a negative light. NAPOLA succeeds in doing this at the end, an ending that explicitly contradicts the rest of the movie.

In marked contrast to this is the idea of egalitarianism where we are all 3s or at least we are told we are and are treated as such. In such a social order the 5s slowly go mad, as their minds cannot accept what their senses tell them.

They then go to other societies or form an internal meritocratic elite, playing the game as best they can. Yet as Orwell's 1984 showed us, the levelers (the demonic Jews) never stop until they are neutralized. That is a topic for another time.

And Harold Covignton's Northwest Trilogy's Northwest Republic Lesson for this issue?


Do what the demonic Jews do, but do it for our race with our religious schools (and religious academies) for our children. The creation of 5s may seem to be an accident. It isn't. This requires focused development and damn near ruthless discipline.