Lord Nelson, we need you to give us some feedback on what happens when you use hte Mantra nose-to-nose. You need to help get us from theory to practice.

Comment by Bob

His response:

Of course I don't stand on a soapbox quoting the mantra word for word, but I slip bits in, in normal everyday conversations.

For example, if someone mentions immigration even in a positive way, I will look confused and say: "Yeah but its strange how its, always white countries and ONLY white countries."

Then I will casually point out how Japan is the second richest country in the world and is less over crowded then the Netherlands and yet, I don't see any liberals demanding mass African and Muslim immigration to that country, etc.

Surprisingly this is much easier than over the Internet because most everyday people agree with these points.

The average White, even if they go along with the present Religion, (multicultural) still does not think of himself or herself as a meaningless social construct.

However, the moderators of every mainstream English speaking website are fully trained up, indoctrinated, hard-core Marxist antis. (They could not be moderators otherwise).

And they have the power to alter or delete your posts and ultimately ban you.

It's pretty obvious when a Mod describes Whites being bred into extinction as simple evolution, that you are NOT, dealing with a normal or rational person.

While using the mantra in conversation is useful and often-good FUN, it is of course the Internet we need to use for best effect.

Here are some things that I have found useful when debating on mainstream chat forums:

NEVER, identify yourself has being associated with any particular group or movement.

If you do you will quickly be attacked for everything regarding that group instead of what YOU, are actually saying, and be labeled out of the debate.

You can be damn sure that while every Mod is a fully indoctrinated priest of the multicultural, they will never admit it.

They have been taught that its more effective to pretend to be just non political members of the public, who are simply against racism, this also protects them from being attacked in the same way.

Level that playing field by being just a non-political person, who is simply against genocide, then quote the mantra and repeat it.

If someone else in that forum is on your side, you can expect to receive friendly PMs from Mods and other key members, telling you what a nice person you are, and how its that other guy who is so mean, and causing all the trouble.

This is simply a divide and conquer tactic and your ally is probably receiving the same PMs about you. This may sound paranoid but trust me, from the grass roots, to the top, these people really are that well organized.

Make your point then post the mantra one last time before going to the next website.

Remember if a professional politician appears on TV he knows his job is to convince the viewers, not to convert the interviewer.

Always be aware that your adversary is a White person who believes (even if they wont admit it) that their race and only their race must be replaced, in order to effect diversity, and a Utopian multicultural wonderland.

In other words: They are THE DUMBEST F..KS ON THE PLANET.

One thing I have found very effective is when the anti has been cornered into admitting they have no problem with Whites becoming a minority in the particular country you are discussing, you must immediately ask them which race of people they think will be replacing us.

And what makes them think this race will share the antis views.

They are never ready for this one, and when they fumble the answer, repeat the question.

Hope this is useful.