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Well, I don't about that one, taking on that role. But Simmons gets to the very heart of things in his comments about BW taking on too much by thinking it is his duty to save the entire white race.

You see my problem is coping with the very fact I suspect it may be true, that it may actually be true that BW does bear that responsibility.

Now that sounds preposterous, but is it?

I have empathy for that fact that someone like BW may get up in morning, look at himself in the mirror, and say to himself, "Darn it all, if I don't do it, it is not going to get done, and unfortunately, it's me that has got to do it."

The problem is that God doesn't pull punches, and at times in course of human affairs, the whole damn thing DOES ride on one person's shoulders.

Now I know a lot of people don't believe that, but I can't help thinking of the old Navy advertisement trying to lure young (and dumb) engineering grads into the Naval Officers Corps: "In the Navy, you get responsibility fast!!!"

That's called truth in advertising, because I fast forward in my mind and see this young dumb kid who bought into Navy's come-on on the deck of some Naval vessel manning one of those one-time use only machine guns that are your only hope of shooting down an incoming Exocet missile.

Here's the arithmetic: You have got ten seconds to shoot that sucker down from the time you see that missile on the horizon and one burst of machine gun fire to do it and if you fail, you and everybody else onboard die a horrible and violent death.

I wish to God life were not like that, but unfortunately it is.

Comment by Dave


Dave, in the late 70s when Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran both supported open borders, the slogan of the right was, "Free Movement of Goods, Capital, and Labor." I kept trying to explain to all of them that this was insane even as an economic proposition. The PEOPLE of a country make up the country, so a politically unstable population that comes in makes a country unstable.

Obvious, right?

Wrong. I spoke on this in place after place, I put it in the Congressional record, I did a piece on it in The New Right Papers, and they kept saying "Free Movement of Goods, Capital, and Labor."

ALL of them, Dave, every ONE of them. NOBODY mentioned my point, even in the hundreds of reviews around the world that The New Right Papers got.

One of the triumphs of my life was about 1988 when I was listening to my car radio and a congressman was asked if there shouldn't be free movement of goods, capital and labor, and he answered what I had been saying for two decades, in my exact words: "Labor VOTES."

During the Cold War, every time somebody said something about the Communists that amounted to, well there is the West and the East, and both are more or less the same, I would ask, "Why is it that every Communist state has to build a wall to keep its people IN, while America has to build walls to keep people OUT?"

It never failed. I remember once saying, "For the umpteenth time," because each time the person ran off with some attempt to avoid the subject, I repeated it for the nth time, "Why is it that every Communist state has to build a wall to keep its people IN, while America has to build walls to keep people OUT?"

Nobody but me EVER used that argument.

Let me repeat that: Nobody but me EVER used that argument.

I developed the Mantra decades ago. Nobody but me EVER used it.

Let me repeat that: Nobody but me EVER used it.

Remember, I was the one who ORIGINATED these thunderously obvious statements of the reality that is at the bottom of an entire worldview. Let me repeat: Nobody but me EVER used them. I had to use the congressional record and then a complete anthology I invented for a major publisher to get one point out.

I NEVER persuaded anybody to use the Communist argument, and nobody expected the Soviet Empire to simply dissolve because its people were sick of it.

As for the Mantra, I have been pushing it for decades, and only Stormfront and years on WhitakerOnline have ever gotten anybody to use it.

So I look in the mirror and I know damned well I am unique.

It is NOT a comfortable uniqueness. Why can't people SEE reality? Why can't they recognize an argument they can SEE working, that is the fundamental truth of everything they are talking about?And when I am no longer here, will my species of humanity simply disappear?