I said "an advertising slogan costs a LOT more to produce than a book does."

One of our pros pointed out that it should be a phrase we use regularly with each other.

Actually, you've heard it before: "Brevity is the soul of wit."

"Don't get mad, get even."

We have a JOB to do. I can help you save our race if you can STICK TO OUR POINT.

I am very satisfied when someone realizes that almost every rule I lay down is actually already familiar to them in old, old sayings like that. But you had the proverb and you would never have applied it to our case without me going into an explanation of it here in BUGS.

And that, dear friends, is where the PROBLEM comes in. Usually people think it is enough to make one point and go on.

They don't go back to basics and think over the trend of thought I am trying to get you on.

For example, one person pointed out that the head of National Renaissance only preaches to the converted. It was an excellent. The next step is figure out why that is true.

Yes, that IS our problem with him.

But it is at this point you can make an old, and fatal, mistake. Jared pisses me off too, but I try to figure out WHY he does what he does. I do NOT need to try to find some Jewish ancestry or a character flaw or to prove that he is somehow dumb.

The point here is not to keep YOU from insulting one of the few well-known people who is on our side, or to make HIM feel better. Take it from me, one more insult won't even be noticed by Jared.

My problem is that this attempt to find Evil In His Heart freezes YOUR mental processes.

Once again, there is an old, very Southern, saying for this:

"You're ugly, your feet stink, and you don't love Jesus." If a person disapproves of another, he soon makes a villain out of him.

As the bishop said in Becket, "That is a sin, but, more important, it is a mistake."

I keep trying to explain the rules of political reality to you here. The reason Mr. Taylor appeals to the converted is because seniority in small movements, defensive movements like today's pro-whites like ours goes to the person who can raise the most MONEY.

You can only raise money from the converted. So the person who stands out among us is the one who can get a little money out of earlier converts, not the one who can make NEW converts.

This is not because Jared is a Closet Jew, but because ANYONE who would be in his position among pro-whites would be someone who raises more money.

The reason people in our movement wait to see Jared Taylor like courtiers wait on the king is because they need to do what he can do., raise money.

The real reason for the behavior on the part of Jared Taylor that we disapprove of is not that that his feet are not washed or his appearance is bad or his religion insincere. It is simply that the law of natural selection in the case of movements at our stage tends to weed out anybody who is just good at conversions.

Pro-whites are used to losing, they expect to lose, and so they want someone who says the right things as they go down.

Put what has evolved in the four thousand articles forward under careful analysis and we won't be going down. They will.

My point is that this point has little to do with Jared Taylor. The big thing is that you are useless in our thought process if you get sidetracked on villainy. If you are looking for a villain, you are NOT looking for the truth.

Less than a hundred of us has already had more effect than all the tens of millions of dollars and the millions of dollars spent on Occupy Wall Street.

OWS can't even get a coherent message.

Our message is as clear as a sledgehammer and just as subtle.

While you dig around for Jewish ancestry, your mind has been totally lost to the real imperatives of real institutional survival. And that ANALYSIS, that UNDERSTANDING, is what is CRITICAL, if the three hundred activists we hope to get into BUGS are to have the same effect that the Three Hundred Spartans had on the Spartan invasion of Greece.

One more insult will mean nothing to David Duke, Jared Taylor, or Ole Bob

But we can lost this entire fight if YOUR mind gets off on the wrong track.