If two people are arguing over the true nature of the Holy Trinity, you know each one identifies himself as a Christian. If someone is TALKING about the Holy Trinity, you know he is somewhat familiar with, specifically, CHRISTIAN theology.

Political Correctness is as identifiable with Marxism as the Holy Trinity is with Christianity. One Yugoslavian-born interviewer was astonished when I mentioned that, and then remembered that in Communist Yugoslavia the Serbian term was "political rectitude."

Oddly enough, this simple truth has been missed by the only people on earth who still take Marxist theology seriously. As Communism slid into the grave yard in the Soviet Empire, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn pointed out that, "No one in the USSR takes Marxist theory seriously."

He added, "The only people who take Marxist theory seriously today are Western professors." And that, boys and girls is the "mysterious origin" of the term Politically Correct.

Communism is unique in that it died, not from outside pressure, but from its own silliness.

You can't run an economy that way.

But Marxist theory still dominates our thinking. The Class Struggle, everything being determined by money, these are the products of a Marxist outlook. You find people seriously saying that a billionaire Vice President is doing what he is doing for money.

In the Marxist system, money is everything, power is nothing. This is because those who hope to be the dictatorship of the proletariat are after power. Money is everything, Marxism says, and the distribution of money is governed entirely by political power.

Economics becomes the proper distribution of money, so that while a Christian might talk about True Religion, a Marxist talks about political correctness. If you read the letters to Stalin from Party underlings, you will see the term many times.

Marxist sources are the ONLY places you will see the term Political Correctness before the 1970s. It went onto the faculties with the 60s Radicals.

Once again let us remember that Marxism is an ideology that, with all the totalitarian force that could be levied to hold it in power, finally just disappeared because it is so SILLY.

It is important not to use Respectable Conservative terms like "not viable." Marxism was SILLY. The conservatives who seriously debated other philosophers against Marx were SILLY, not Well Meaning Great Minds who Saw Errors in Historical Interpretation, but Silly Asses who used Latin phrases but couldn't see that a system that requires land mines and machine guns to keep its people IN is a failure.

When you concede that a bunch of idiots are Intellectuals, you legitimize them to a large extent. Only an insane person tries to reason with a snake.

Don't try to make friends of our opponents. If you want to make a living as a respectable conservative, you treat a PhD who talks drool as an intellectual.

But if you want to destroy them, rather than make a living by catering to them, you NEVER treat them as the adults they never were.