The Chilean Communist Allende was elected in a THREE-WAY election. That is the way Lincoln was elected.

I need to get the importance of this across to you:

The days of "Stop Immigration!" and "The Evil Conspiracy took the world from us, let's EXPOSE them!" are OVER. That was the strategy of a TWO-WAY election: White Supremacy versus THEM.

In a two-way world, we are overwhelmed. But in the three-way world I see so clearly, THEY are a MESS.

I keep telling you about the simple strategy, twenty years of it, that I followed. Everybody said they were for it after it succeeded. But it is critical for me to remind you that the Conspirators and the Respectables fought me for two decades on this.

In other words, I have been here before. The very idea that Republicans spent decades trying to get "The Negro Vote" is so absurd today that nobody even MENTIONS it now. They STILL rule the Republican Party.

Once you are "made man" in the libservative establishment being right or wrong has no meaning. They "have a life." Blaming professionals for mistakes of the past demeans all professionals.

Which leaves US. What "professionals" say about us is no our concern. What matters to us fanatics is this:

I knew it THEN. They admitted it AFTER the battle was won.

Everyone has carefully forgotten that the collapse of the Soviet Empire was then considered an absurd dream. Now everybody KNEW it would happen.


Here we go again, to almost quote Reagan's "There you go again" to Carter in the presidential debates in 1980.

The days of the old White Supremacy are over. But, if you wake up and smell the roses, there has never been a time when white supremacy was taken for granted so completely as it is today.

The relevance of the old "Who took the world away from US?" is over. WE owned the world but WE said "Ex Oriente Lux" and we said that All Mankind had a right to the Heritage of All Mankind. We slaughtered each other in the World Wars and lost everything we had a right to.

That's OVER.

We didn't lose.

No one took it AWAY from us.

No Jew was ever as fanatical about killing our racial brethren as WE were.

So cut the crap.

One thing they are right about is blaming everything on US.

How white supremacist can you GET?

The only people who are NOT white supremacist today are the Conspiracy freaks.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, this is the situation:

1) Everybody agrees on white supremacy;

2) In a two-way race between the old white supremacy and everybody else, we lose. Even if you EXPOSE all our enemies.

3) in a THREE-WAY race, the ENEMY'S position is hopeless.

We must learn how to handle a THREE Way race.

Those whose function is to speak for the white race will rule.

In the future, if I am successful, everybody would have known that all along.